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Herzlia awards honorary life membership to Natalie Barnett



United Herzlia Schools’ Board of Governors has awarded honorary life membership to Natalie Barnett for her services to the school. Barnett has served the school for 20 years, starting with the Parent-Teachers Association, then serving on the governors’ board for about 18 years, two of which were as board chairperson.

“This award acknowledges Natalie’s exemplary service over many years and in various capacities, including leadership, vision, commitment, empathy, constitutional development, appropriate role definition of the governors, and succession planning. Special mention must be made of Natalie’s introduction of the menschlichkeit pillar to Herzlia’s values – Natalie personifies all of the attributes of this pillar!” said Matthew Gruzd, the chairperson of Herzlia’s governing board.

“Natalie is extremely dedicated, uncompromising, smart, invested, professional, and empathetic,” Gruzd said. “Large parts of what people know and love, about Herzlia today comes from initiatives that she spearheaded.”

“Natalie was at the forefront of the process of appointing an executive director for the schools,” said Andries van Renssen, the executive director of United Herzlia Schools. “She was visionary in understanding its needs, recognising that change was imminent, and had the ability to articulate this with clarity. Natalie was tremendously valuable in her introduction of me into the Herzlia community and the workings of the Cape Town Jewish community. This support enabled me to move swiftly into a position where I could begin to implement practical initiatives and changes.”

Said Barnett, “I salute all those who came before me, those who served with me, and those who continue to carry the torch. Kol hakavod l’kulam. Always remember, Im tirtzu ein zo aggadah (because if we will it, it’s no dream).”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Viv Anstey

    Aug 26, 2021 at 6:25 pm

    Well deserved Nat, you are inspirational and your dedication to leadership, education and community has touched many. You have played a critical role in supporting me in my work. We celebrate your legacy. Glad to call you my friend and thinking and doing partner. Viv

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