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Israel – why it’s home from home for SA youth: Habonim Dror



As a prominent Jewish youth movement, Habonim Dror Southern Africa has a love and connection with Israel. Our constitution says it best when it recognises Israel as the “central physical, cultural, and spiritual space for the Jewish people that demands full participation from diasporic Jewish communities in shaping its future”. It goes on to describe Israel as “an ongoing project for Jewish liberation that’s in a state of constant revolution toward justice pioneered by youth amongst other groups”.

These sentiments remain at the forefront of our movement’s activities, as we aim to educate and instil a love for Israel in our movement members. It’s for this reason that Habonim chaverim feel a strong connection to Israel’s history and culture and see Israel as a critical part of their identity as Jews.

Habonim also loves Israel for the commonalities the state and our movement share, one of them being a commitment to social justice. In addition to Judaism and Zionism, service to humanity is one of our three primary pillars, which means that we are committed to promoting social justice and equality in Israel and around the world. Habonim members believe that Israel can be a model for a just, equitable society, and we’re committed to working towards that goal. Israel is a vibrant and dynamic country with a thriving culture, diverse population, and growing economy. We ensure that as many of our movement members as possible are able to visit and build a connection with Israel through our various programmes in the country.

Ultimately, there are too many reasons to mention on why Habonim loves Israel. The connection to the land, the shared commitment to social justice, the unique opportunities it offers, and the sense of community and belonging it provides are just a few. For members of Habonim Dror Southern Africa, Israel is more than just a place; it’s a symbol of their Jewish identity and a source of inspiration and hope for a better future.

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