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    Trump: No Palestine, Jerusalem not PA capital

    Jan 04, 2017 1 Comment
    In a new blog published today entitled ‘Trump’s team to PA: There is no Palestine, Jerusalem is not your capital’ – Ant Katz ponders the style of the Trump/media communications. But, he says, editors have to accept the unacceptable. He illustrates it in this story today: “There is no Palestine, and Jerusalem is not your capital… we would consider a US diplomatic mission in Ramallah...” READ THIS!
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    Bibi invited to Trump’s inauguration, meeting

    Jan 03, 2017 Go comment!
    Trump and Netanyahu are “talking all the time and Netanyahu is talking about possibly going to the inauguration. There’s (also) a plan for Trump to meet with Netanyahu” a source close to Trump’s transition team told the New York Post.
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    Pretoria girl with 7 distinctions off to Israel

    Jan 01, 2017 4 Comments
    Maragon Private School in Pretoria’s top matric pupil, Tshego Masemola (Pictured), has her sights set on travelling to Israel to do a gap-year of volunteering on a kibbutz. She achieved seven distintions in the 2016 IEB matric exams. “I will be volunteering in Israel in 2017. They call it kibbutzism, where you stay in this socialist living space where one day they may say wash the dishes, and the other day they say you should go work in the factory,” said Masemola. SEE VIDEO of why she chose to go to Israel…
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    Israeli teen dead, friend shot, in Turk terror

    Jan 01, 2017 Go comment!
    Fifteen of the 39 murdered victims in a New Year’s Eve terror attack on an Istanbul nightclub were foreigners. One, a 19-year-old Israeli woman was among them. Another Israeli, who was with her, sustained two gunshot wounds and remains in “good condition” following surgery, according to her father. Both girls were from the Arab-Israeli town of Tira in central Israel.
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    Tikun Olam Project TEN aims for the stars

    Dec 30, 2016 Go comment!
    Project Ten Durban's activities in its first two months show the incredible passion and creativity that this group of young Israelis is using to assist South African NGOs and government agencies in KZN.
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    Kerry and Netanyahu continue to duke it out

    Dec 29, 2016 Go comment!
    There was little new in the duelling speeches of John Kerry and Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday and even less point in continuing to argue the matter with the outgoing administration. But that didn’t stop the two men from butting heads and fighting over the issue of Israeli settlements all day Thursday as well.
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    Bibi ‘deeply disappointed’ in Kerry after speech

    Dec 29, 2016 Go comment!
    SEE VIDEO and story of Netanyahu rejecting the UN vote and John Kerry’s assessment which largely blames Israeli policies for standing in the way of peace in the Middle East.
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    • Kerry John

    John Kerry blames Israel’s ‘pernicious’ settlements

    Dec 29, 2016 Go comment!
    SEE FULL SPEECH – Kerry points most of the finger at Israel as he lays out his six principles for a Mideast peace
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    Telfed's inaugural SASI students are thriving

    Dec 29, 2016 Go comment!
    The SASI (South Africans Studying in Israel) Academic Programme is an exciting new initiative run by Telfed. This life changing experience allows South African students to complete a university degree in Israel in English, with Telfed and the universities providing financial and social support that will enable students to flourish both in their studies and in their life outside of the classroom. See stunning picture of the inaugural students and SASI staffers...
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    Israel not target of Obama’s UN ire, Trump is

    Dec 28, 2016 1 Comment
    In a new blog subtitled “Au Contraire”, JR Online editor Ant Katz, pictured, asks what Israel's government is playing at, as, he says: the fact that Barack Obama has taken this desperate move is quite transparently a shot over Trump's bough and not Israel’s. The PM is certainly no fool, says Katz. So, what is he playing at?
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    UN: wise counsel or anti-Israel vitriol?

    Dec 28, 2016 3 Comments
    Geoff Sifrin writes in his popular weekly column: “The uncomfortable truth is that (UN) Resolution 2334 is neither anti-Semitic nor anti-Israel” and that “crystal-clear message” was that: “For the community of nations, the settlements are illegal.” Read his latest column...
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    Bennett calls for annexation after resolution

    Dec 26, 2016 1 Comment
    No smiles now... Naftali Bennett, Israel’s Minister of Education and famed for always being pictured smiling, has called for the annexation of parts of the West Bank in response to the passing of a United Nations resolution taking Israel to task for continued building in the settlements.
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    Anger as US lets anti-Israel UN Resolution pass

    Dec 26, 2016 Go comment!
    Israeli leaders are livid at the US administration and made no bones about expressing just how angry they are in both the Knesset and at the Cabinet meeting on Sunday after the stunning change in traditional US policy (their ally abstained from voting, thus not using their veto power) – allowing an anti-Israel resolution on settlements to pass 14-0 at the UN Security Council. PM Netanyahu's anger is evident in this picture.
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    SA lauded by Knesset on Israel's first Yom Aliyah

    Dec 23, 2016 2 Comments
    Last month Israel marked its first official Aliyah Day, celebrating immigration to the country and the contributions of immigrants to its society. Among observances of the day were celebrations in the Knesset, a programme at the president’s residence, as well as in schools, the army and the police force, as required by law.
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    Israeli woman confirmed killed in Berlin attack

    Dec 23, 2016 Go comment!
    Israeli tourist in Berlin (Dalia Elyakim, pictured) who had been missing since Monday night’s truck-ramming attack was confirmed to be among the 12 victims. Her husband is in a serious condition.
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    New Israel envoy shakes up US Jewish views

    Dec 22, 2016 Go comment!
    Read much more on the US Embassy move – will it or won’t it move? Apart from this piece, there are links to all other related JR Online offers. Readers can also follow a host of optional views – and comment on them too.
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    US unlikely to open Embassy in Jerusalem

    Dec 22, 2016 Go comment!
    In a new blog published today, JR online editor ANT KATZ explains the history and politics of the US moving its Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
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    Iran's bloody nose in own backyard from Israel

    Dec 21, 2016 Go comment!
    Largely eclipsed in the Israeli media by sexual harassment scandals, the Knesset dress code and the impending evacuation of the Amona outpost in the West Bank, Benjamin Netanyahu’s state visit last week to Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan nonetheless represents a diplomatic coup against Iran. It also underlines Israel’s ability in recent years to punch holes in the former taboo in the Muslim world on openly embracing the Jewish state, experts on the relevant countries said.
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    TAKING ISSUE: Potency of “place” for Jews

    Dec 21, 2016 3 Comments
    There is huge symbolism in US president-elect Donald Trump’s declaration that he will relocate the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the epicentre of Judaism’s beliefs and holy also to Muslims and Christians. Jerusalem itself is one of the thorniest issues in the Israeli-Arab conflict which has blocked peace negotiations, particularly regarding control over the Western Wall and the Temple Mount precinct.
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    Developments at ICC could affect Israel

    Dec 20, 2016 Go comment!
    At a round table discussion sponsored by NGO Monitor and the Department of Political Studies and the Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan University held yesterday, December 19, a panel of experts discussed concerns about the future of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the potential impact for Israel following recent developments.
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