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JVJP’s naïve take on Palestinians astounds



Maurice Sackstein

We too, would be happy if the sea embargo could be lifted, also to remove the check points and security barriers.

However, they do not suggest how or who would stop the thousands of rockets and missiles and arms that would be delivered by sea to Hamas if the sea embargo were to be lifted. They know as well as anyone that Hamas has promised to attack Israel again as soon as they feel that they are strong enough.

Who do they suggest would stop the hundreds of suicide bombers just waiting for the security barrier to be lifted and the checkpoints to be removed, so they could enter Israel and blow up Israeli men, women and children? Israel knows that it can rely on no-one but herself to defend herself and survive.

Can these writers be so naïve as to think that it is the treatment of the Palestinians that is the problem? The Arabs have vowed to destroy Israel and eliminate them from the Middle East since the State of Israel was declared.

No amount of being nice to the Palestinians will change this. If the Palestinians had wanted peace, this could have been attained long ago by negotiation. They are only waiting for the time when they are strong enough to (try to) wipe out Israel.

Since Messrs King, Sherman and Shapiro have given no positive suggestions to end this conflict, I would like to suggest that they rather expend their energies to getting the Palestinians to stop vilifying the Israelis, stop their terror attacks on Israel and come to the realisation that if they want a Palestinian state, they have to compromise as much as Israel will have to and give and take in the negotiations.

 Melrose, Johannesburg

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