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KDL twinkle toes – the name of the award-winning game




The multi-talented King David dancers had the audience captivated by their professional performances. Each dancer showed his/her unique talent and contributed to the phenomenal energy that was evident throughout the evening.

A host of people contributed to the outstanding success of the evening. The panel of judges included Debbie Rakusin; Alfred “Zulu” Pakhathi; and Talia Kodesh. They gave generously of their time, knowledge and expertise. They were encouraged and inspired by the talent  they saw on the stage.

Marlene Miller did a sterling job, working tirelessly for the past few months to organise the event; Jacob Ogus and Josh Jackson fwere excellent masters of ceremony; Geena Cohen and Hannah Miller, heads of the dance-sub-committee, secured many of the prizes; the generous sponsors for donating wonderful prizes; and of course the dancers for showcasing their amazing talents and bringing so much energy to the event. 

The winners of each category, were:

Slow Group – “The Net” – Hannah Miller; Kayla Cohen; Kayla Melnick; Montana Boon; Kerren Berkman; Eliana Lewus; and Talya Davis.

Slow Solo – Hannah Miller.

Fast Group – “Let me Love You” – Geena Cohen and Joshua Allan.

Fast Solo Girl – Dina Segal.

Fast Solo Boy – Shannon Wolpe.

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