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R Berland off the hook again in Holland
A Dutch court yesterday (1 Dec) announced it would again refuse Israel’s request for Shuvu Bonim leader. R Berland & many of his followers spent 5 months in Joburg after being evicted from Zim & Morocco. Apparently wanted by Israeli police to answer charges of sexual molestation, he was sought by the Hawks & fled to Holland. It then turned out that the Israelis could not show an arrest warrant existed in Israel. Between Sept & now, not enough evidence could be found & the Dutch will not have another hearing unless Israel provides more evidence.
R Berland off the hook again in Holland, A Dutch court has again refused to accept Israel’s case against R Eliezer Berland, leader, , they had insufficient evidence) against Rabbi Berland, begs the question of how the Israeli, with the extradition request at this time. In the interim, Rabbi Berland will not be extradited, . After his first conditional release In September, R Berland told the media: "I'm done, to Amsterdam by the Shuvu Bonim and he recruited two local lawyers. After his release, Rav Berland had a lot
Berland’s followers beaten at Joseph’s Tomb
Followers of Rabbi-on-the-run Rabbi Eliezer Berland, wanted in Israel on sexual abuse charges and back in hiding in SA followed the rabbi’s instructions, sent to his Yeshiva in Jerusalem, to whitewash over burns inflicted on Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus last Friday in an act of vandalism by Palestinians. Jewish Report has the story covered from all angles - including the Shuvu Bonim Breslovers themselves. Read it and see the video - and watch for more updates Thursday and Friday ...
Berland’s followers beaten at Joseph’s Tomb, But Rabbi Berland's followers did not co-ordinate with the IDF and five were arrested, : courtesy of RABBIELIEZERBERLANDBLOG, this picture is presumed to be Rabbi Berland in Joseph's Tomb, : “Rabbi Eliezer Berland from his hideout in South Africa, ordered his followers to repaint the tomb.” According to the paper Rabbi Berland’s recording stated: “Everyone should take pails of whitewash. Leave, importance to Berland’s Shuvu Bonim community and Berland himself used to visit it periodically
Hawks’ official notice ticks more Berland boxes
“Wanted Israeli fugitive nabbed,” reads the subject line of an official notice just released by the Hawks’ senior spokesman Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi. And Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s Israeli lawyer tells Dutch Daily NRC’s editor today that they will bring five witnesses to challenge the validity of arrest. But Israeli lawyer thought Rav was arrested while in hospital which the Hawks dispute. Read what they all have to say…
Hawks’ official notice ticks more Berland boxes, the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on April 14, 2016. On Rabbi Berland’s defence JR Online has been, information. Read our translated version of her comprehensive and revealing interview with Berland’s, to be Jewish, spoke to Rabbi Berland’s Israeli attorney, Sharon Nahari, this morning. Nahari told her, to Rav Berland’s flight back to South Africa. Read it first on JR Online: 7 April on JR Online: HAS BERLAND BEEN ARRESTED? 8 April on JR Online: BERLAND HAS BEEN ARRESTED!
R. Berland: "Bibi quit, you're not doing anything"
EXCLUSIVE: Rabbi-on-the-run Eliezer Berland is in the headlines again after calling on Bibi to quit. The following day, say his followers, the PM went into Gaza. Read Rabbi Berland’s Prayer for Israel – published for the first time today. Hear him speak on a radio podcast. Listen to why his followers believe he can bring peace to all – and how they believe he is already doing it. What are his immediate plans? Read why he is about to fulfil the mitzvah of Vayivrach Ya’akov…'re-not-doing-anything
R. Berland: "Bibi quit, you're not doing anything", Last week Monday July 14, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, head of the Shuvu Banim Breslov Yeshiva, by Moshe Weisberg, who wrote that in conversation with his disciples, Rabbi Berland had said: "Every day, the report was correct, but poorly translated into English and that Rabbi Berland had made, track – that’s why he spoke so harshly to Bibi at the time,” said Yossi. When R Berland said, the same day. “The next day (Danon) got fired, he said all the things that R Berland had,” says Yossi
Berland now to hear his fate on Thursday
An urgent application was launched at the Joburg High Court last Thursday in a bid to get bail for sex-pest rabbi, Eliezer Berland, who has been jailed pending extradition since before Pesach. On June 3 the Minister of Justice, Michael Masutha, signed the extradition order which had been issued in April – the final step required for the extradition to take place.
Berland now to hear his fate on Thursday, However, before the Israeli authorities could react, Berland’s new legal team filed an appeal, the issue of a bail on special terms. Berland will otherwise remain in detention in Joburg’s “Sun, , and the outcome of that. Berland’s new legal team includes attorneys Michael and Ellie Karp and Advocate Anton Katz SC. Katz argued the case that Rabbi Berland’s imprisonment had been “unlawful” and that the proceedings at Berland’s hearing in April were irregular. Berland had been denied bail by Magistrate
R. Berland wants to plant roots in SA
Israeli Orthodox Rabbi Eliezer Berland, rosh yeshiva of the Breslov Chassidic movement, who has been on the run from the Dutch and Israeli authorities, turned up in South Africa - again - in September, having previously beaten an SA Police arrest warrant by a whisker. He reportedly wants to put down roots in South Africa. The “rabbi-on-the-run” is sought in Israel for alleged sex charges laid by some of his female followers. When his legal extradition appeal failed in Holland, he was said to have gone to a small Caribbean island, with no extradition agreement with Israel.
R. Berland wants to plant roots in SA, an exclusive interview with some of Rabbi Berland’s most trusted aides “Berland wants followers to avoid, the Internet and phone” with his followers in Israel. Rabbi Berland, leader of Breslov Shuvu Banim, . A Dutch court, however, discovered that Israel had no active warrant against Berland and released him, to the Supreme Court in Holland, it was discovered that Berland had managed to flee that country before he could be taken into custody for extradition. Berland was presumed to be on a remote Caribbean
Reports strongly suggest Rabbi Berland nabbed
UPDATED - RABBI IN HOSPITAL? HAWKS' STATEMENT IMMINENT! Unsubstantiated reports poured in on Thursday that the elusive Rabbi Eliezer Berland was arrested by police. At this time there were no SAPS or Hawks spokesmen on duty, but credible sources confirmed news that Rabbi Berland was arrested this morning and was being held in a cell at a police station.
Reports strongly suggest Rabbi Berland nabbed, Updated Police then had to positively establish the identity of Rabbi Berland, which they reportedly did this afternoon. Rabbi Berland has been on the run all over Africa and Europe for the past, reports say that Rabbi Berland (who is known to be sickly) is under police guard in a private hospital this morning Stay tuned for the Hawks' media statement. Berland has previously evaded three, court-ordered extradition to Israel to answer to several “sex-pest” allegations. BERLAND
Rabbi Eliezer Berland under arrest in hospital
The 78-year-old rabbi Eliezer Berland, who was arrested by the Hawks and Interpol in Sunninghill north of Johannesburg last week Thursday, is being held in an undisclosed Pretoria hospital under heavy police guard after having complained that he was not feeling well. He is scheduled to appear in the Randburg Magistrates Court this Thursday in connection with an Interpol warrant for his extradition to Israel to answer to sexual charges there.
Rabbi Eliezer Berland under arrest in hospital, by the “Hawks’ Interpol members” last week Thursday. RIGHT: Rabbi Berland Berland is the leader, . Berland originally went on the run four years ago after Israeli police had wanted him to testify, countries eventually evicting him and in mid-April 2014, Berland and numerous followers arrived, . HAWKS’ OFFICIAL NOTICE TICKS MORE BERLAND BOXES His brazen escape to Holland from South Africa, saw Rabbi Berland, with his wife and a supporter, walking through South African customs
Elusive Rabbi Berland still hogs the headlines
In what he touted as a “victory over the Israeli legal authorities”, the son of fugitive Rabbi Eliezer Berland (pictured) announced last Monday that his father had been issued South African citizenship and “no longer needs to run”. The Shuvu Banim Breslov sect’s spiritual leader is wanted in Israel on charges of child molestation.
Elusive Rabbi Berland still hogs the headlines, a growing number of followers since Berland arrived with around 200 of them before the High Holy Days. Rav Berland skipped Israel some three years ago, accompanied by a few close followers and bodyguards, as the “paper work” had not been in order. Berland lost an extradition appeal in a Dutch court, October 12 that Jewish Report was able to confirm and definitively report that Rabbi Berland was back in SA. Although Nachum Berland’s claim that his father has SA citizenship has been substantiated
All stories related to Breslev Rabbi Berland
With the hullabaloo going on about Rabbi Berland and the Shuvu Banim Breslovs, SAJR Online has had close to 5,000 reads on the matter. To assist users wishing to follow specific aspects of the story or choosing to read back to catch up, SAJR is publishing a single index document.
All stories related to Breslev Rabbi Berland, This document will be updated every time a new story is posted – and linked to each new story - so that users are able to keep abreast of the complete picture. Berland related reads on SAJR Online 14 APRIL: Chief Rabbi: Don’t shelter Berland 14 APRIL: Goldstein calls for protest 19 APRIL: “Some One” posts dissenting view 23 APRIL: “Kids need stable environment” -reader 23 APRIL, APRIL: Did you hear the one about…? 23 APRIL: Vid of R. Berland & Co’s Purim bash 23 APRIL

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