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SAUJS alumni reminisce, debate over dinner
On Monday evening the South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) hosted a first-of-its-kind alumni dinner at the HOD in Johannesburg. Over a 100 alumni, dating back to the late 1950s, attended. The event was organised by Cayla Urdang, Benji Shulman and Howard Sackstein.
SAUJS has existed in various forms and organisations for the last 102 years. The aim of this week’s dinner was to engage in conversation with the older generations of SAUJS members. The audience was addressed by current chairman, Natan Pollack. In addition to this, a panel discussion consisting of Brenda Stern, David Bilchitz and Mark Pozniak took place. The interesting discussion was led by Israel’s Deputy Ambassador to South Africa Michael Freeman, who himself was involved in student
SAUJS elects 2015 national executive
The South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) held elections on Sunday October 12 to select their new national executive for 2015. Natan Pollack, pictured, is the hew national chairman
”. Incoming 2015 National Committee: National Chairman - Natan Pollack Cape Town Chairman - Jonathan, , click: NATAN POLLACK (5 content items) More about SAUJS, click here: SAUJS (43 content items, Pollack showed his mettle in his handling of the position of national treasurer during 2014. “This team of committed students are dedicated to ensuring that Jewish students not only feel safe on campus but, have fun events, network within the community and with other university societies", says
SAUJS pair attending American Jewish Congress
SAUJS national chair Ariela Carno (pic) & treasurer Natan Pollack in Washington this week to attend AJC congress
SA Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) national chair Ariela Carno (pictured) and national treasurer Natan Pollack are in Washington this week to attend the American Jewish Congress (AJC) from 11 to 14 May. “This congress focuses on intercultural dialogue, democracy in action and Israel advocacy,” Carno told Jewish Report before leaving. The keynote speakers include world renowned names, . Ariela and Natan’s goal in attending this conference, she said before leaving, “will be to forge
SAUJS gets massive worldwide support
The South African Union of Jewish Students is continuing with its global campaign against the Durban University of Technology’s SRC in spite of DUT’s apology after calling on Jewish students to deregister - especially “those who do not support the Palestinian cause”.
“Their apology added in other religions and atheists and they are still continuing their anti-Israel activities, unequivocally targeting Israel. Their call came after Leila Khaled addressed DUT. We do not accept it - the Jewish community and the students in particular, found their call horrendous and we will continue our campaign,” said Natan Pollack, national chairman of SAUJS. On Friday, and freedom of association. This is in line with our national constitution,” Pollack said inter alia
Summer U in Luhačovice for SAUJS execs
SAUJS execs, Natan Pollack (national treasurer, pictured) and Cayla Urdang (vice chairman) went to the small town of Luhačovice in the Czech Republic last month for the annual European Union of Jewish Students’ Summer U conference. The EUJS is an umbrella org for over 200 000 Jewish European students from 34 countries. Why were the SAUJS pair there and what did they do?
On August 24, SAUJS executive members Natan Pollack (national treasurer) and Cayla Urdang (vice chairman), travelled to the Czech Republic for the annual European Union of Jewish Students’ Summer U conference. The European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) is an umbrella organisation for 34, stronger, more effective techniques going forward,” Natan told SAJR this week. The discussions continued post the session, and the feedback SAUJS received was outstanding. Both Natan and Cayla feel
Wits student called a 'Mother-f***ing Jew’
“Kill a Jew”and “F*** the Jews” and you "Mother-f***ing Jew" are certainly not terms SA Jewry is used to facing - although mostly when they have, it has been at Wits University. The Board of Deputies’ national executive director, Wendy Kahn, issued a statement late Tuesday advising the community that “the Dean of Students has confirmed that the graffiti has been removed and that an investigation to ascertain the perpetrators is underway.” The burning question is whether it arises from within the campaign, or in the fog of it...
images today Another recent SAUJS chairman, Natan Pollack, told SAJR that the students simply “don’t know where this is coming from yet.” “At a time like this,” said Pollack, the #feesmustfall, away from the cause.” Natan says that while he believes minorities are strongly supportive
IAW Day 2: Things became hectic at UJ
This story will be posted shortly, we are catching up with the reports from around the country but the unteste shura is that Palestinian peace activist Bassim Eid’s tak at UJ was disrupted by hooliganism and, says the SAJBD in their report – thuggery! See the Board's report...
this incident. Spokesperson: Natan Pollack, National Chairperson, SA Union of Jewish Students 076, (SAUJS) National Chairperson Natan Pollock said that he feared for their safety. This was not the first
SAUJS at Tuks off to a promising start
Chad Posner, a second year B Com Business Management Student at Pretoria University (Tuks), was instrumental in forming a branch of the SA Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) at the beginning of the year.
); Jaden Kramer (national director); Chad Posner (chairman); Natan Pollack(SAUJS national chairman
SA student leadership visit Israel
Since the South African government made it de facto policy for senior government members to refrain from visiting Israel, South African political leadership has not been willing to risk the ostracism. But this tide may be turning.
really an ugly place to be,” says SAUJS National Chairman Natan Pollack, who helped organise, with South African student leaders and South African politics,” says Pollack Many of the students
South African Jews are on the move
Migration, whether within South Africa or beyond, is on the rise among South African Jewry. Whether they’re relocating to Cape Town or Tel Aviv, South African Jews are looking for a life that better suits them.
spaces and opportunities also seems to be a determining factor. Natan Pollack, who emigrated, elsewhere. A co-founder of technology and innovation immersion venture En-novate, Pollack sought a new, of his affinity for South Africa and its Jewish community, Pollack wanted to tap into a more global


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