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Telfed's inaugural SASI students are thriving
The SASI (South Africans Studying in Israel) Academic Programme is an exciting new initiative run by Telfed. This life changing experience allows South African students to complete a university degree in Israel in English, with Telfed and the universities providing financial and social support that will enable students to flourish both in their studies and in their life outside of the classroom. See stunning picture of the inaugural students and SASI staffers...'s-inaugural-sasi-students-are-thriving
Telfed's inaugural SASI students are thriving, Telfed (the SA Zionist Federation Israel) was delighted to welcome the first batch of SASI participants to the holy land this year. The SASI (South Africans Studying in Israel) Academic Programme, ... BACK ROW: Mel Cohen (SASI committee member), Frankie Friedman, Zachery Levin (above), Neil Mayers, Sidney Shapiro (SASI committee member), Dave Bloom -SASI Chairman. FRONT ROW: Merav Fisher - Telfed, Georgia Ungar, Savanah Muller, Steve Handler (SASI committee member), Ariyeh Taitz
SASI programme opens door to quality Israeli edcucation
In South Africa this week to recruit for South Africans Studying in Israel (SASI) are Rabbi Dorron Kline, CEO of Telfed (the SA Zionist Federation in Israel), and Stephanie Miller, registrar of the International Disciplinary Centre (IDC), which incorporates the Raphael Recanti International School.
SASI programme opens door to quality Israeli edcucation, PHOTOGRAPH SUPPLIED Pictured: Promoting the SASI programme in Johannesburg are Ben Feldman, a South African student at IDC; Rabbi Mendel Rabinowitz; Rabbi Dorron Kline, CEO of Telfed; Chana Ben Moshe. The IDC International School is headed by Jonathan Davis, a former shaliach in Cape Town. The IDC enables South African students to study in English after matric, Rabbi Kline told SA Jewish, . SASI also gives students access to Hebrew language classes, accommodation at subsidised rates
Sasi: special Telfed subsidies for SA students
Israel is reaching out to Diaspora students to study in the country - so much so that it has pulled out all the stops to try and make studying in the Holy Land as a foreigner of Jewish heritage available in English and, for the most part, qualifying students study for the same cost, or less, than it would cost to study in SA.
Sasi: special Telfed subsidies for SA students, in Israel (Sasi) scheme that has been put together with a huge amount of effort by Telfed. In this, its first year in operation, Sasi is financially assisting seven South African students to go to university in Israel. Telfed’s fledgling Sasi scheme is co-funded by South African donors and Israel’s, , the Israeli government contributes around $2,500 towards the tuition costs. Sasi applies a needs-based, per cent (for Sasi students, based on financial needs). The grants include access to ulpan
More opportunities in Israel for youth
The number of South Africans going to Israel to do their high school and university studies there (partly free or heavily subsidised) has risen by leaps and bounds during 2016, according to the Israel Centre (The Jewish Agency’s offices in South Africa) and Telfed. Aliyah is up by more than 40 per cent in the past two years. Read how the numbers are soaring with more that 10 SA Jews heading to a new life or to study in Israel WEEKLY! See the full infographic inside...
to 70 for the 2016/18 academic year. One of these incentives would have included the new SASI, SASI bursary for University Studies The JA’s latest flagship project: Durban’s Project TEN
Telfed academic programme gains momentum.
A new academic programme providing a structured and supervised framework for South African students who would like to pursue tertiary education in Israel - a Telfed initiative - was launched at the home of Dori Weil in Johannesburg last weekend.
SASI (SA Students Studying in Israel) has a selection of subjects from which prospective students may choose, for inter alia business, computer science and psychology degrees. In the past, explains CEO of Telfed, Dorron Kline, “some of the main difficulties in being accepted to Israeli universities were the need to pass psychometric tests and undertake studies through medium of Hebrew. “Today there are universities which provide courses of studies in English and evaluate students on the basis
Where to find all the Education Focus content
This week the JR Online has published a special Focus on Education which can leave users with an information overload. We have, therefore, created this “INDEX” to all that we have published and divided it into three main sections – South Africa, Israel, and the World. Each sub-index begins with a note about what and why we have published what we have. This is learning about learning – and it makes great reading. It is also ideal to print out for a Shabbos read.
Israel opens arms to SA, Diaspora students
Tertiary education in Israel is structured completely differently from what we are used to in South Africa and it is important to understand how this system works and what bursaries and other assistance is available to prospective students.
SASI bursary programme which has been very well received.” The various categories of higher education
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