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Dutch shul shut after bad conduct of Berlanders
Verbal abuse of security volunteers & giving out electronic entrance codes willy-nilly were among the transgressions quoted by The Jewish community of Amsterdam as to why they had been forced to shutter shul to keep R Berland and followers out. The shul on Lek Street in the south of Amsterdam was effectively closed on Friday. The shul may reopen on January 23.
Dutch shul shut after bad conduct of Berlanders, misconduct, including security breaches, by followers of Israeli Rabbi Eliezer Berland of the Shuvu, in the Het Parool daily blamed the closure on Israeli followers of Rabbi Eliezer Berland, the founder, Bonim leader Rabbi Eliezer Berland & his followers became the most newsworthy story of the year, . Rabbi Berland, who fled his native Israel in 2013 amid complaints that he sexually assaulted, to the apparent misbehaviour of followers of Rabbi Berland In the statement, NIHS cited
Keeps being mistaken for Berland
A Zim newspaper even mistook him and ran his picture on front page captioned as R. Berland
Keeps being mistaken for Berland, . The whereabouts of Rabbi and Rebbetzen Berland are not known. The Berlands are believed to still, ), has been repeatedly mistaken for Rabbi Berland, to whom he bears an uncanny resemblance, in Jerusalem, and asked if it was Berland. The notable distinction between the two men is that this rabbi has some colour at the top of his beard, whereas Rabbi Berland (PIC RIGHT) has a pure white beard. “No, it's one of his students,” came the reply. “Rabbi Berland has trained many rabbis who
Rebbetzen Tehila Berland flies into Joburg
LATEST: R. Eliezer Berland was at “Next Door” last week Tuesday evening; his wife flew in from Israel on the Monday accompanied by his Zim follower Yaron Yamin; Yamim to meet SAJR on the Wed for interview & attempt to facilitauvu Banim Yeshiva; Berland’s in regular phone contact with followers at Yeshiva; and Yamim building Yeshiva compound in Zim
Rebbetzen Tehila Berland flies into Joburg, Breslov Rav Eliezer Berland. Numerous concerns have been expressed by both Jewish South Africans, and the unknown. Right: Rebbetzen Tehila Berland In this fast-moving saga, Jewish Report spoke, that Rabbi Berland had been at “Next Door” Restaurant in Norwood last week Tuesday evening; Rebbetzen, not seen for eight months; Rabbi Eliezer Berland was seen in and around Glenhazel over the previouys weekend; Yaron Yamin, Rav Berland’s close disciple from Zimbabwe, accompanied the Rebbetzen
R. Berland flees Holland, not hospitalised - reports
After Dutch Court rejects appeal & authorises extradition to Israel last Tuesday, Shuvu Bonim head allegedly went to hospital in Holland. He was ordered to turn himself in to Dutch police on Monday 6 July but, it seems, R. Berland (pic) had, in fact, slipped away & fled to an undisclosed country which has no extradition treaty with Israel. He has evaded deportation for almost 3 years, twice by the Hawks in SA. Read about the Rabbi-on-the-run's spurious claims in his appeal, which held no sway with the Dutch court.
R. Berland flees Holland, not hospitalised - reports, as R. Berlov 14 MAY: Berlands to settle& build new Yeshiva in Zim? 13 MAY: Berland’s Zim funder, JR, of R. Berland (actually, they overturned his objection to their earlier decision) who is wanted in Israel for alleged indecent assault of women and girls. Dutch police originally arrested Berland, had, however, been freed on bail pending a ruling on his extradition. RIGHT: Rabbi Eliezer Berland, for appeal JTA reported that one of Berland’s reasons for opposing his extradition was on the grounds
"They have nothing!" says Rabbi Berland
"I'm done with Israel – It is the State of Hamas not of the Jews" said Shuvu Bonim leader R. Berland after being released on Friday. Israeli police were requesting the Rabbi’s extradition but were unable to show an Israeli arrest warrant existed. A prominent Israeli lawyer was sent to Amsterdam by the Shuvu Bonim and he recruited two local lawyers. After his release, Rav Berland had a lot to say to the media, including: “(Dutch) Police said all the complaints about me are 'Bubba Maisas', there is nothing there.” Read what else he had to say and all the latest updates.
"They have nothing!" says Rabbi Berland, : Berlands to settle& build new Yeshiva in Zim? 13 MAY: Berland’s Zim funder, JR EXCLUSIVE: Who is Yaron, Eli Schlesinger, writing on the BEHADREI HAREDIM website this morning, wrote that “Rabbi Berland was released from custody under restrictive conditions.” Immediately after Berland’s arrest, after being arrested by Dutch police at the request of the Israeli police, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, an extradition hearing, which Berland’s lawyers say could take as long as a year. His passport
Who is Rabbi Eliezer Berland?
From his birth in 1937 to Rosh Yeshiva Shuvu Banim, he's guided tens of thousands of Jews from secular backgrounds to the Torah path.
Who is Rabbi Eliezer Berland?, According to Wikipedia, Rabbi Eliezer Berland is Rosh Yeshiva Shuvu Banim. He was born in Haifa, Berland was born in 1937 and is affiliated with the Breslov Chasidic movement in Israel. As Rosh, a youth, Rabbi Berland was recognised as a gifted student. He studied at the Knesses Chizkiyahu yeshiva, , niece of Israeli Member of Knesset Shalom-Avraham Shaki, Rabbi Berland joined the Ponevezh Yeshiva, and a popular speaker and author on Breslov topics. Controversies Allegations that Rabbi Berland has
Cops botch R. Berland arrest once again
Reporting in mainstream Israeli newspaper ARUTZ SHEVA on Tuesday, Chaim Lev wrote that the fugitive “head of Shuvu Banim (Breslov) sect Rabbi Eliezer Berland, wanted for sex crimes in Israel, once against manages to evade South African police. The incident was almost a mirror-image of his previous escape – a wedding, a look-alike, and R. Berland slips away. Hundreds of his supporters are pouring in for the holidays.
Cops botch R. Berland arrest once again, : Berlands to settle& build new Yeshiva in Zim? 13 MAY: Berland’s Zim funder, JR EXCLUSIVE: Who is Yaron, Mainstream Israeli daily newspaper ARUTZ SHEVA report that Rabbi Eliezer Berland, who heads, , chalking up another narrow escape for the runaway rabbi. Berland managed to escape arrest last, of Berland's who had travelled to the South African city for the wedding - in that incident hassidim, . Read the previous story of how Hawks botched arrest: ISRAEL CALLS FOR RABBI BERLAND’S ARREST & RETURN
Dramatic first court appearance for Berland
Having him in custody and keeping him there are two different things as Rabbi Eliezer Berland, the man who has evaded Authorities worldwide seven times over the past 18 months, has a second stab at getting awarded bail by a Randburg magistrate. Last Thursday Berland was allowed the dignity of not having to join the general prison population and the freedom to practice his spiritual beliefs from a private cell at the Randburg police station, where he has also been given permission to confer with his own doctors.
Dramatic first court appearance for Berland, ABOVE VIDEO: Followers of Rabbi Berland held a “Night of prayer” on 24 March in Chevron Taanis, on Youtube Rabbi Berland will again appear in court this week for a bail hearing after a number, for the first time on the day. The hearing was an urgent bail application brought by Berland after, below picture RIGHT: Rav Berland arrives at court in Haarlem, Holland on 17 November 2014, the case started the State and defence argued over why Berland’s previous representation was fired
Mystery arrival of tzadik to 'aid' Berland
Last week Thursday, after a fraught and sometimes bizarre hearing, “Rabbi-on-the run” Eliezer Berland, wanted for sex crimes in Israel, was denied bail in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court. Migdal HaEmek Chief Rabbi HaRav Yitzchok Dovid Grossman left Israel on Sunday night and arrived in South Africa on Monday to try and assist Rabbi Berland in getting bail. According to Israeli news site, Yeshiva World, “Rav Grossman will try to calm the situation between the local community and Rabbi Berland, which some report has contributed to the court refusing him bail.”
Mystery arrival of tzadik to 'aid' Berland, of Migdal HaEmek, Yitzchak Dovid Grossman. He has come to try and assist Rabbi Berland in his plight. Exactly how is not known, but perhaps we will see Rabbi Berland making a more dignified exit than had been expected. The video above is of Rabbi Grossman The 79-year-old Berland is detained at the Medium, is understood that the Israeli embassy in South Africa will be doing its best to have Berland’s extradition, and dietary requirements. CLICK HERE TO SEE SEE tens of thousands of followers of Rabbi Berland
Berland wants followers to avoid conflict
Jewish Report met some of the most senior followers of Rabbi Berland on Tuesday. They confirmed that there are followers, many of them families, staying at a facility (rumoured to be) between Johannesburg and Pretoria and they had all the requisite necessities such as schools and study facilities available to them. Rav Berland, they said, had strictly instructed his followers to stay away from the cities to avoid a repeat of their coming into contact with local communities as was the case last year. Read more...
Berland wants followers to avoid conflict, Fugitive Rabbi Eliezer Berland is back in South Africa and he - and many of his followers - have, arrest warrant against Berland is still valid. LEFT: Rabbi Eliezer Berland in Holland earlier this year Jewish Report met some of the most senior followers and spokespeople of Rabbi Berland, such as schools and study facilities available to them. Rabbi Berland, they said, had strictly, into contact with local communities. To Rabbi Berland, it seems, the local community do not want to have


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