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Trump versus Clinton: Battle of the Jewish sons-in-law
Somebody had better put a mezuzah on the Lincoln Bedroom. Whoever ends up winning the US presidential election in November, one thing seems certain: For the first time in history, Jews will be in the president’s inner family circle.
Trump versus Clinton: Battle of the Jewish sons-in-law, is married to Chelsea Clinton. Age Kushner: 35 Mezvinsky: 38 Occupation Kushner, Chelsea Clinton and is raising daughter with both Jewish and Methodist traditions. Wife’s, observant,” she has said. Mezvinsky: Chelsea Clinton is still a practising Methodist. The couple, WASHINGTON Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have Jewish sons-in-law and of course Bernie, for president. Mezvinsky: Appears at non-political events with the Clintons, but has no known involvement
Million-dollar ‘Chocolate Bar' campaign working
Fundraising campaign by Los Angeles Jewish day school first-graders to help find cure for rare genetic disease passes the $1-mil mark, with donations streaming in from all 50 states and 60 countries across the globe.'-campaign-working
asked Chelsea Clinton, then doing feature segments for the network, to look into the story. She did
Top 14 Jews in the US news during 5776
Who knew a Jewish candidate is on next month's US election ballot. And she supports BDS! 5776's top newsmakers include politicians and their families, an Olympic great, the release of a 30-year prisoner, a current Israeli trial, Sharansky sorting out two inter-stream balegans, and the world's oldest man. Then there's the Sheldon & DWS political issues, the jailed Orthodox New York Assembly speaker sent to the "Big House" for a dozen of the best, and, finally, the 2 sexy TV stars who have added hip Yiddishkeit to homes worldwide.
and erstwhile friend of CHELSEA CLINTON, Ivanka has become one of her father’s most prominent, . A self-styled champion of working women and erstwhile friend of Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka has become, -styled champion of working women and erstwhile friend of Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka has become one, -styled champion of working women and erstwhile friend of Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka has become one of her, Independent pushed rival Hillary Clinton to the left on a range of issues. He also broke ground
Kotel prayer decision and shifting Israel-Diaspora paradigm
The Israeli government’s passage of legislation that authorises egalitarian prayer in a soon-to-be-created section adjacent to the southern part of the Western Wall has been called groundbreaking, empowering, dramatic, and unprecedented. The section could be ready in as soon as a few months from now.
] Clinton’s daughter [Chelsea] with a priest,” Levin said. Ironically enough the Grand Mufti
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