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Rolene Marks
Rolene Marks, Rolene Marks - RoRo's Rantings Rolene Marks and her family made Aliyah several years ago. While she was still living in South Africa, Rolene – or Roro to her friends – was a communications practitioner for several Jewish organisations, including WIZO, the IUA/UCF and the Israel centre. She was, and still is, a member of Media Team Israel. Her blogs appear regularly on The Times of Israel and Wordpress. Read more of RORO’s RANTINGS on MyShtetl
Rolene Marks
Rolene Marks, for repairSA rabbis on a solidarity mission to IsraelLatestAchieversYouth News Rolene Marks - RoRo's Rantings Rolene Marks and her family made Aliyah several years ago. While she was still living in South Africa, Rolene – or Roro to her friends – was a communications practitioner, | Oct 01, 2015 Rolene Marks writes that as this blog is posted, 36
Israel’s Adventures in Wonderland
Rolene's latest blog: “When it comes to Israel it looks like we’ve disappeared down the rabbit hole of insanity...” she says.
“Do we live in a world gone mad?” ask Rolene Marks rhetorically – knowing that we clearly do. Her latest blog, posted today, is so true and real that one doesn’t really know whether to laugh or cry, bait to placate everyone,” writes Rolene. “Perhaps the walrus from Alice in Wonderland makes more sense!” As always, Rolene appreciates comments and feedback on her writings. READ THE WHOLE BLOG See all of Rolene’s blogs on SAJR Online
Roro's anti-BDS toolkit for World Wizo
“How do we deal with the lies and, erm…. BS that BDS spread?” Blogger Rolene Marks poses the question and gives the answers – and answers them after compiling a toolkit for World Wizo.
and mom, SA-born expat Rolene Marks She says she has looked at the various aspects of the BDS, Here's the answer In Rolene’s newest blog, posted today, she shares the wonderful and useful information outlining the very concise toolkit that she compiled for World WIZO on how to deal with BDS. What is BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions)? asks Rolene. “What are the accusations, – What you need to know (concise toolkit)” and you will see that it is just that. Rolene lives
Zionist Spring needs help to launch in SA
The Zionist Spring movement has officially launched in the US & Canada & now needs members in SA to comply with World Zionist Organisation rules & launch in SA. Jewish Report has made it easy for those who want to join up, by uploading the application form to the website. Simply click to download the attached MEMBERSHIP FORM (membership is free!) which is in Word format, click on the e-mail address in the following paragraph and attach the form. Easy as pie!
The “Zionist Spring” organisation was introduced to South Africans by SA olah Rolene Marks in July, . “In order to affect decisions, we need as many people signing up as possible,” says SA olah Rolene Marks, Rolene Marks brought political and Zionist leader Ruchama Avraham to give two free talks in SA, format, click on Rolene's e-mail address in the following paragraph and attach the form. Easy as pie! “We encourage as many people to sign and email back to [email protected],” says Rolene. She
What's On in the SA Jewish Community
As always, there is lots going on for the Jewish communities around the country. Contact local leadership for additional activities
of Knesset (MK) and Rolene Marks.Venue: Beyachad Time: 10:00. Bookings: Sandy (011) 645-2515
Juju off guard at Cape Town airport
“Juju likes his eggs over easy and please hold the pork...” says Rolene Marks
Regular blogger and contributor to SAJR.co.za Rolene Marks, was in Cape Town and Johannesburg last week with a guest speaker to launch a new venture in world Zionism, the unaffiliated ZIONIST SPRING. While at the Cape Town airport, Roro had an interesting experience which she shared with us. Here, for the past month with sirens, rockets, booms and trauma. RIGHT; Rolene Marks He remarked, food so his defences were down) and introduced myself as Rolene from Israel. I thought he would tell
Wearing our blue and white
"I love this time of the year in Israel," writes Rolene Marks in her latest blog post today. "The country is transformed into a blue and white celebration as the roads are lined and national buildings festooned with Israeli flags." This is all in preparation, she explains, for the upcoming National Holidays.
, and everyone in Israel, “will bow our heads in silent memoriam,” writes Rolene. READ HER FULL, . Built on blood, sweat and tears.” Rolene, who still works for Media Team Israel in SA, is a regular on-the-ground correspondent for Jewish Report. ABOVE: The Marks' balcony – "dressed
Roro's new blog on Holocaust Remembrance
Never again means never, ever again. Am Yisrael Chai. "Whole communities, brilliant scientists, educators, artists, musicians and potential future finders of cures to disease and contributors to the world were wiped out because of an idea,: writes Rolene Marks passionately. "Fueled by words and perpetrated by an educated mass that were whipped into a frenzy of hatred." Read Roro's latest blog which adds to our offering on World Holocaust Day...
and the crematoria were built on incitement," writes Rolene Marks. READ ROLENE’S BRILLIANT BLOG
Spotlighting nails another anti-Semite
DIRCO employee, Rudi van Vuuren (pictured), is the latest in a long line of government staffers who have been caught tweeting hate-speech against Israel and Jews.
Van Vuuren, a DIRCO (department of international relations and co-operation) staffer who has enjoyed diplomatic postings to Helsinki and Damascus, tweeted his gem that was posted yesterday on the SA Friends of Palestine page. It was spotted by Spotlighting SA and followed up in a detailed NEW BLOG posted today by Rolene Marks. Read it: Beware of swine flu – a contagious disease! “Hate speech, much like swine flu, seems to be a contagious disease,” posts Rolene. “This is a disease





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