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The power of not holding a grudge



When we fully forgive another and surrender the pain, we release ourselves from hurt. Forgiveness allows us to free ourselves from resentment and bitterness. To forgive someone shows courage. The ability to let go and not hold a grudge against another person displays inner strength.

There’s a difference between forgiveness and forgetting. When we’ve been wronged by a person and make the decision not to dwell on the past and forgive them, it doesn’t erase the moment of pain. Alternatively, it’s much healthier to acknowledge the suffering and use that to move forward to grow together – or separately – in a positive way.

A well-known example of forgiveness is Joseph and his brothers. After being thrown into a pit, sold into slavery, and separated from his family for many years, he was still able to summon the bravery required to forgive his jealous and deceitful brothers. Joseph recognised that this forgiveness was beneficial not only for his brothers but for him as well. He’s an exemplary example to all mankind of being able to release the pain of the past, regardless of how severe his treatment was.

As we approach this Rosh Hashanah, receiving forgiveness from those whom I may have hurt intentionally or unintentionally is an essential part of personal development. I want to let go of the things that have wounded me, and be able to progress into the new year with a new light and positive energy. I believe that if I forgive others, Hashem will forgive me.

Rivka Youngworth, Grade 10, Torah Academy

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