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The Rhythms of Tel Aviv hit Jozi for YH66




The young are generally catered for at Gold Reef City, the old by cabaret at Summer Place, but the vast majority of Jewish South Africans still lacked an adult function where they can let their hair down, have a good time and celebrate the 66th anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel. YH66 proved the answer.

Who was there? See pictures below!

YH66 was the brainchild of Ari Kruger, Howard Sackstein and Benji Shulman who involved some of the trendiest Club owners, DJ’s, events companies and bar services in South Africa.

Three of the country’s top DJ’s, Harael Salkow, DJ Wags and Ben Mansano all donated music sets for the evening. Stephan Cohen donated the use of his club Hush in Rosebank.3 Way Marketing contributed design work and Richard Rovetti of T3 Plastics donated gifts for all the hip party goers.

YH66 thinBlack Sugar Events, and Thirst Bar Service all came to the party  to create the trendiest and coolest function yet seen  in South Africa.

Arriving guests were greeted with balloon skirted promo girls, tequila girls poured alcohol down people’s throats, hip-hop dancers, as the pumping Middle Eastern beats of Ben Mansano filled the air. Uber Taxi service managed by Alon Lits provided free rides to new users to and from the event.

Hush club was decked in an Israeli theme with LCD displays of Israel, JNF boxes, and blue and white balloons covered the area and floated above the strobing lights and pulsating tunes. A Blue and White Magen David acted as photo-booth and partygoers got fridge magnets while decked in Israeli trinkets.

“The success of this event exceeded our wildest expectations. People paid money to be here and all money raised goes to charity to support Israeli causes,” said Howard Sackstein. “We gathered people together of all ages, all political persuasions, all colours and all religions and we celebrated the enormous achievements of the state of Israel in a fun and trendy manner. This is South Africa at its best – we come together as a community to create these special moments that are unique and truly South African.”

Ari Kruger adds: “We have opened a new chapter in the history of the Zionist Fed, we have proven that we can do something innovative and attract people. Left and Right came together to create this enormous success that benefitted the entire community”.

With hundreds of revellers still on the dance floor at 3am, organizers decided to call the party in order to ensure that people would be able to rest before casting their vote in the General Elections the following day.
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 YH66 full8
All pictures supplied by Howard Sackstein

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