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Learning Pirkei Avot through art and culture



More than 1 500 children took part in the recent Pirkei Avot Arts and Culture Competition, designed to bring the teachings of the Pirkei Avot alive and make them meaningful and practical.

The initial phase of the programme, run by Tzivos Hashem South Africa, was a five-week learning course for students across the country. Interactive lessons were offered in various forms – some schools included lessons in their curriculum, others promoted learning in after-school Zoom classes or YouTube videos.

Each child received their own beautiful Pirkei Avot book from Chabad House, followed by the student workbook and lesson materials from Tzivos Hashem.

“So many children studying the same Torah themes together created a wonderful experience of Jewish unity. The feedback from children, parents, and teachers has been outstanding,” said Devorah Leah Wineberg, the director of Tzivos Hashem, South Africa.

Following the study programme, the children were invited to prepare a project based on any theme that had inspired them in Pirkei Avot. They could use their creative talent in any area of art, music, or writing to produce their exhibit. Their projects went on display at Huddle Park this past week.

“When you make a project of Torah, you really acquire what you have learned,” said Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein after viewing the projects at Huddle Park on Sunday.

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