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Back to life at Jewish Achiever Awards 2022



Out of the darkness always comes a light far brighter than if there had been no darkness. And so it is with the Jewish Achiever Awards 2022 on 17 November as we emerge from lockdown and interacting online or through masks to celebrating and have fun.

We are coming out from behind our masks and feelings of hopelessness to take back the life we want to live.

We’re getting back to doing all those things we loved and took for granted. For how long weren’t we able to watch a rugby match live? How many of us missed big dinner parties? And going out to party? How about travelling and going to music concerts?

We’re all learning to live again in the best possible way.

And the SA Jewish Report and the Jewish Achiever team are on top of this. This year’s Jewish Achiever Awards is going to be totally different to any held before. We will be having a party as opposed to a traditional sit down dinner. We’re creating something you’ve never experienced in our community.

This will be a Jewish Achiever Awards 2022 like you’ve never imagined. It’s going to be the biggest and best party you’ve ever attended.

We will celebrate emerging from our homes and ending isolation to having a ball with all our favourite achievers and other wonderful people in the community.

Our theme at this year’s Jewish Achiever bash in November will be “Back to Life”. We will do it in a way that you’ll never forget and will be talking about for years to come.

It will be the party of the year, and we will celebrate our achievers and our freedom with you.

The SA Jewish Report recently surveyed what people wanted for this year’s Achiever Awards ceremony. Did you want it to be online or in-person? Did you want the option of either? Did you want to be there physically to interact with your friends and guests?

Well, 50% wanted it to be an in-person only event, while 41% favoured a hybrid that gives us the option of either, and only 9% opted for online only. As many as 86,4% want to be there in person and 72.7 % want your guests there in the flesh. We heard you. And we’ll deliver. You have the option of being in-person or online and both will be outstanding. We promise!

So, nominate your achievers, and get ready for the Jewish Achiever Awards 2022, the only fundraising event for the SA Jewish Report.

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