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Chev takes over Kosher Mobile Meals



The Chevrah Kadisha is adding the delivery of kosher meals to its comprehensive welfare programme. This is after the Union of Jewish Women (UJW) approached it to take over responsibility for Kosher Mobile Meals as it no longer has the financial capacity to run the project and needs to focus on its other offerings.

Kosher Mobile Meals, also known as Meals on Wheels, delivers ready-made meals to indigent, disabled, and elderly people living alone who are unable to shop and cook for themselves. It has been in operation for the past 50 years.

The Chev says the Kosher Mobile Meals project is essential for those in the community who rely upon these deliveries. Thanks to a donor who has made it possible, the Chev took full responsibility for the operation and costs from 5 February.

“Kosher Mobile Meals fits seamlessly into our home-based care programme, which reaches more than 165 isolated, most elderly, people living on their own,” says Chief Executive Saul Tomson. “Home-based care provides a variety of services and practical support on a regular basis like visits from our social workers, nurses, care givers, and cleaners. We’ll now add the delivery of meals to our comprehensive programme.”

As it happens, Kosher Mobile Meals was already prepared for the UJW in the Sandringham Gardens kitchens.

“As community demographics continue to change, this type of welfare-service consolidation is crucial for sustainability as well as to ensure that beneficiaries in the community are well looked after in a holistic manner and that all their needs are being taken care of,” says Tomson.

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