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Crack teamwork leads to arrests following parking-lot heist



The Johannesburg Jewish community was shaken when four armed suspects entered a parking lot next to Jewish primary and pre-primary school Sandton Sinai on 18 October 2021. But just more than two weeks later, three suspects have been arrested.

During the incident, the suspects assaulted two security guards, robbed them, and took a firearm. They also assaulted a teacher at the school.

CAP’s team responded to the incident, and it hasn’t let up since, resulting in the arrests. In conjunction with the Serious and Violent Crimes (SVC) Gauteng unit, it gathered information and worked to assist a multidisciplinary team in the investigation.

On 2 November, SVC Gauteng located the suspects with the assistance of CAP and other role players. They were using the same vehicle used in the incident outside the school. The team apprehended three suspects. The vehicle was searched and house-breaking implements as well as two unlicensed firearms were found. The one firearm was confirmed to be from the October incident, and the suspects’ motor vehicle was confirmed to have been hijacked.

The suspects are believed to have been involved in a number of other armed robberies in Johannesburg.

“CAP is extremely grateful for its relationship with the SAPS Gauteng SVC unit. Through this partnership, we are able to prevail and positively alter the trajectory of crime in our communities,” says CAP Chief Operating Officer Sean Jammy. “This arrest is significant as these suspects have been linked to multiple armed robberies, and apprehending them prevents hundreds of potential occurrences in future.

“CAP believes that crime can be beaten through a determined, professional approach,” he said. “We encourage all communities and institutions to ensure they have the best possible security in place and are available to work with those that require our assistance to build an initiative.”

Community Security Organisation head of operations in Gauteng, Jevon Greenblatt, says, “This victory shows that with the right resources and determination, criminals can be brought to book. Hopefully, a strong message will be sent to others with similar nefarious intentions. Well done to everyone involved.”

“We are grateful that CAP reacted so quickly and apprehended the suspects,” says Sandton Sinai nursery and playschool principal, Shira Finkel. “We have all grown from this experience in a positive way, and will continue to strive to offer the best security at our school. Our teachers are strong, our learners are great, and we continue to stay in a unit that’s moving forward.”

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