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Don’t thrust women into men’s roles, forcing them to mimic men



Eli Knight

But that is not his real place. Similarly, our elevated, G-dly souls are only in these lowly physical bodies and world to collect mitzvot and do Torah study.

A mitzvah is much more valued when done discreetly, as it is then done with pure intentions and not to impress anyone else; the only exception being if the influence it will have on others is so strong it will outweigh the purity.

Many people went to great lengths to conceal how much charity they gave, or their good deeds. Women who traditionally have a background, supportive role and whose mitzvot are focused on supporting her family and using her sexual attractiveness in a very controlled way, are areas not generally in the limelight and therefore have greater spiritual benefits or are purer diamonds.

Western culture values appearance and results. For example, the striker who scored the winning goal will go down in history, but the defender who brilliantly stopped the opposing team’s attack and made a great pass to a midfielder will be forgotten together with the midfielder who made a skilful series of dribbles and a fantastic pass to the striker.

It is because we have applied the Western values of appreciating people and their contribution that, when we talk about something like the Exodus, we remember Moshe but quickly forget the heroics and righteousness of the women who made it possible, women like his mother, sister and Batya (daughter of G-d).

Should we follow the Western values and try thrust women into men’s roles and force them to mimic men to be recognised?

The last time we adored Western values and culture was when Berlin was called by progressive Jews the new Jerusalem.

At a time, Berlin was capital of the country and at the forefront of every form of science, of music, maths, physics, psychology etc, except one science: Torah – which is G-d’s value system, and we are still reeling from the consequences.

G-d put the soul into a body with everything the body entails, whether rich or poor or even disabled, in such a way that the soul will maximise the chances of attaining his or her unique mission and diamonds allocated to them.

There is a story of a man who helped a butterfly free its cocoon, but thereafter it couldn’t fly. It turns out that the struggle to free itself moves the fluids from the body to the wings, enabling it to fly.

So too we have our struggles and circumstances and unique roles in life, which enable our souls to fly one day.



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