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Freedom Front Plus



Freedom Front Plus – Corné Mulder, premier candidate, Western Cape; and international relations spokesperson

Why should the Jewish community vote for you?

First, the Freedom Front Plus (FF+) stands with the Jewish community and Israel at this difficult time. We’ve defended the right of Israel to defend itself in the current conflict without hesitation in Parliament on more than one occasion, and will continue to do so. Second, we’re the only political party in this election that clearly and unequivocally fights for the rights of minorities. The Jewish community is such a minority in South Africa, and we’ll always stand up for it.

The South African Jewish community feels let down by the government and isolated in the country. What will you do to make sure that South Africa is a welcoming place for the community?

The African National Congress (ANC) government has absolutely let the Jewish community down in South Africa. We hope to replace the ANC government with a multi-party charter coalition that will be positive and constructive towards the Jewish committee as well as Israel. We want to be part of a new government that extends a hand of friendship and co-operation towards the Jewish community and Israel. The FF+ will continue to emphasise the extremely important role that the Jewish community has played over many years in South Africa. To achieve that, we need the vote of everyone in this election of 29 May 2024.

What’s your stance on South Africa taking Israel to the International Court of Justice?

It was a cheap political stunt by the ANC government to try and placate its masters in Iran and to try and regain some relevance in the international community. In doing so, the ANC has finally alienated its government from the United States, Israel, and most developed nations.

Antisemitism has been on the rise in South Africa, as demonstrated in the Judicial Services Commission, Cricket SA, and Parliament, with attacks on Jewish institutions and schools. What do you plan to do to tackle antisemitism of this nature?

Chapter 9, Section 185 of the South African Constitution creates a very important institution – the commission for the promotion and protection of the rights of cultural, religious, and linguistic communities. I was privileged in 1996 to propose the wording of this section in the Constitution. It’s the task of this commission to promote and protect the rights of religious communities, including the rights of the Jewish community. It’s the commission’s task to guard against any form of antisemitism in South Africa. The FF+ will make sure that this commission under a new government starts to do its duty in this regard, because under the ANC government, it has totally failed.

What’s your position on the relationship between Israel and South Africa? What would you want it to be?

The relationship between the two countries is at an all-time low. This is because of the policy stance of our minister of international relations and the ANC government. Luckily, that’s not the position of the majority of South Africans.

The FF+ will make sure that relations with Israel are normalised immediately. We see Israel as an ally against international terrorism and radical Islam. Israel is at the forefront in so many fields, and South Africa is in desperate need of that help and assistance.

Should South Africa open its embassy in Israel and return its ambassador. If so, why? If not, why not?

It’s essential and logical that South Africa and Israel should have normal diplomatic relations. Therefore, South Africa should reopen its embassy in Israel, and move it to Jerusalem.

Should religion be taught at all schools? If so, why? In a multicultural society, which religion should be taught?

We believe that religion should be taught in schools in South Africa. We also believe that schools should be community based, and that communities should decide the language of instruction as well as the religion taught. It shouldn’t be in the hands of the state. Subsidies should go with a child, and if a minority or community wants to have a school, that should be allowed as well as the language of instruction and the specific religion they choose.

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