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Democratic Alliance



Democratic Alliance – Richard Newton, director of communications

Why should the Jewish community vote for you?

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is the only party that can unseat the African National Congress (ANC) and keep the Economic Freedom Fighters out of power. The DA has a plan to rescue South Africa.

The South African Jewish community feels let down by the government and isolated in the country. What will you do to make sure that South Africa is a welcoming place for the community?

The DA’s plan to rescue South Africa will address the issues of all communities, and will fix what the ANC government has broken.

What’s your stance on South Africa taking Israel to the International Court of Justice (ICJ)?

This action in the ICJ is currently underway, and we await the ruling of the court.

Antisemitism has been on the rise in South Africa, as demonstrated in the Judicial Services Commission, Cricket SA, and Parliament, with attacks on Jewish institutions and schools. What do you plan to do to tackle antisemitism of this nature?

The DA will tackle any and all forms of discrimination against South African citizens.

What’s your position on the relationship between Israel and South Africa? What would you want it to be like?

The DA has made its position on the conflict in the Middle East, which is at the core of this question, abundantly clear. We want peace in the region, and support a two-state solution.

How can South Africa take the multi-party charter seriously when DA leader John Steenhuisen has publicly stated that the DA would leave it if he needed to join the ANC to avoid a doomsday coalition?

Your last question is fundamentally flawed and based on incorrect assumptions.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Gary Selikow

    May 9, 2024 at 5:29 pm

    Disgusting shrugging of our concerns of our community. Look at the replies of the IFP and they are so much better, Im voting IFP.

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