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How to Live with Crumbling Infrastructure in South Africa – Roads, Water, Electricity, Security….



Each day we drive home through the potholes of our cities, only to be greeted by no running water and power outages. There are solutions to make you less dependent on government for service delivery, but is it worth it and how much does it cost?

Join us as we discuss what Cape Town gets right (with DA Councillor Errol Anstey) that Johannesburg struggles to manage (with former ANC Councillor Sol Cowan). We’ll talk about Discovery’s new initiative to fill potholes with Anton Ossip and pick the brains of Leon Tobias about the feasibility of boreholes and JoJo tanks. Errol Boolkin will speak about getting off the grid, and how much it will cost to install solar panels and inverter batteries. Security is always top of mind so Craig Peel from Mantis Security will address security in your home, and Sean Jammy from CAP will talk about policing the streets. Government healthcare is failing, and private healthcare is unaffordable. Dr John Jutzen will talk about affordable options for healthcare, while Brad Fisher will address recycling and Waste Pickers.

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