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‘Increased security threat’ for SA Jewry




The full text of the message to be sent out:

Dear Friends

We have received information which indicates an increased security risk to our community during the course of the next month or so.  Internationally a number of countries have released statements about increased risk of terrorism worldwide. However, the information we have relates specifically to South Africa.

As communal leadership we have developed a multifaceted response to the increased threat level. The CSO is working very closely with our shuls and schools to upgrade their security, both from a physical as well as process point of view. We are working very closely with South African government security services, who are committed and dedicated to doing everything that needs to be done in this situation.

The CSO has identified a number of practical steps that the community should take to assist it in its task and to minimise any possible risk:

  • We ask that as a matter of course, any activity that appears in any way suspicious or out of place, be reported without delay to the CSO National number 086 18 000 18 or CT number 086 18 911 18. This does not only apply to Shabbat and Yomtov, but at all times. Please be on the lookout for such activity and encourage others to do the same.
  • Those interested in assisting their shul/school security team, please do so. Your participation would be very welcome.      
  • Community members are asked as a matter of course not to congregate in the street outside their shuls prior to or after the services. All social interaction should take place only once within the secure environment provided by the shul or other communal installation. Once outside this environment, people should disperse without undue delay.   
  • As has been demonstrated many times, proper levels of vigilance on the part of the community combined with the timeous communication of relevant information to those entrusted with ensuring the community’s security is an effective way of preventing possible incidents. With this in mind, the community is urged to keep personal and communal safety concerns at the forefront of their minds, particularly during this period, and to assist and co-operate with security personnel at all times.


Pro-active partnership and support between all organisations and institutions is the key to successfully responding to this kind of challenge. Let us all work together for the benefit of our community.

 Kind regards

Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein, Zev Krengel (President, SAJBD), Mary Kluk (National Chairman, SAJBD), Avrom Krengel (Chairman IUA UCF) and CSO Management.

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  1. Tuvia

    Sep 16, 2014 at 12:19 pm

    ‘It would be great if we also get peronal body guards like the authors of the notice.’

  2. Dave Greenwood

    Sep 16, 2014 at 12:30 pm

    ‘I think the # 1 thing that Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein and the SAJBD should be doing at this time is issuing a public apology for the way they dealt with Rabbi Berland.

    I heard once from a great Rabbi (who read it from one of the mussar books) that before G-d allows any Jewish community to be harmed He tests that same community how they react towards their fellow Jews, if they past the test, then the spirit of anti-semitism will dissipate, if not… then G-d forbid! The Rabbi gave an example of how within the Jewish communities in Europe there was tremendous fighting and disrespect for one another before the holocaust.

    Listen, if we are taking all precautions that we should to prevent a catastrophe we shouldn’t take a chance with this one either. Even if we were correct in our actions it doesn’t hurt to take this precaution. It may save lives!!! (Not trying to scare anyone but we need to wake up to reality).

    According to Halacha the asking of forgiveness must be done in the same audience that the insult was issued. If you do a simple search on Google you can see what mass audience heard about the terrible way we treated Rabbi Berland. (Loshon Harah is more serious than all sins including GUlui Arayos!!!). It is definitely hard to give up on ones honor and ask forgiveness especially if they may think they were justified in their actions at the time. But please! For the sake of humanity and all world Jewry, do whats good for the people! ‘

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