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Israel is fighting for a just cause against Hamas aggression




I deplore the actions of the Hamas jihadist Islamists and see no cause whatsoever for the unspeakable acts Hamas commits in the name of Islam.

No-one wants to see bloodshed or loss of life on either side, but Israel is fully justified in its actions to defend itself against terrorist actions against its citizens and territory and to take such actions as it deems necessary to destroy the rocket launching sites and tunnels etc, in Gaza.

The UN allegations of war crimes by Israel deserve contempt and should be dismissed as utter nonsense.

The right-thinking world cannot possibly condone those unspeakable Hamas rocket attacks and tunnel incursions into Israel. The well-informed have no illusions as to the many guises that Hamas’ actions take/assume.

Citizens of the Western world are well-informed by the media (especially the BBC, CNN, Sky News etc).

I wish to extend to all Israelis my sincere and heartfelt support and sympathy and my condolences to those families of both the Israeli civilian population and armed forces who have lost loved ones to the murderous activities of Hamas.

I hope my views can somehow be communicated to all Israelis who so deservedly need support.

Are financial contributions sought to assist Israeli bereaved families? If so, could I have details please?


Roosevelt Park, Johannesburg

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