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These Jews fuel the fire for more anti-Semitism




Although they have their democratic right to state their views and opinions, they are in fact creating many underlying issues that are most often misinterpreted by our enemies and becomes a strong argument which they use to justify their acts of terrorism against our people and our right to defend ourselves. 

Their justification? If Jews themselves stand by us, we must be doing the right thing.

They are in fact, fuelling the fire for more anti-Semitism and aggression toward Israel and all Jews around the world. 

We all agree that the injury and death to Palestinian children is very sad and greatly heart felt. In fac, I change channels when watching the news when I see Palestinian or Israeli children in hospitals or who are experiencing physical, emotional or mental trauma as I find it difficult to experience the pain I feel for them.

However, I wonder if these Jews would still show solidarity for the Palestinian people if they had children or family that were maimed or killed during missile attacks on Israel.

I think not! I think they would support the IDF in all their endeavours just as the Palestinians support Hamas. I don’t know about you, but I have certainly never seen or heard of Palestinians signing petitions showing support for Israel.



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