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Lights, camera, action at ORT Digital Skills Academy




It is one of a number of opportunities for students and teachers created through the affiliation of World ORT and the South African Board of Jewish Education a year ago. These include teacher training, virtual connections, awards, and competitions at various locations across the globe.

ORT SA staff member Lauri Kruger travelled as a chaperone and participant in the academy.

“I was thrilled to be chosen to accompany the two South African youths to Bulgaria. For the first time in my life, I could relate to lights, camera, action,” said Lauri. “We also got a taste of the behind-the-scenes atmosphere of a television newsroom when visiting Bulgarian TV. Little did we know that we would appear on the national news! It had us laughing all the way back home.”

Ayla Estreich, a maths teacher from the United Kingdom and an ORT Digital Skills Academy staff member said, I cannot overstate the value gained from children being able to learn about something that they want to learn about, and to collaborate with peers from around the world with the same passion as them.”

The ORT school in Bulgaria boasts a state-of-the-art media centre, and has a fully equipped studio and production facilities.

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