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Loyalty and sacrifice needed in regard to Israel



The new government in Israel gives us the opportunity to become a “light unto the nations”. As I understand it, every shade of political opinion is represented.

The parasha Lech Lecha, in which the Jewish people started their journey, also tells us, as interpreted by Rabbi SR Hirsch, that regarding the sacrifices Avraham made, every shade of opinion was included. The mature ram symbolises a wealthy prominent leader (President Naftali Bennett) and the dove represents the left wing of Israeli politics with its emphasis on freedom. What’s represented is strength and fairness.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that Israel should be sacrificed on the altar of good intentions. In fact I think it’s a good thing that this government won’t be able to do anything on the international political front. As I see it, the world needs to be reminded that Gaza wasn’t given to the Palestinians by the Americans or the Russians but by Israel. Now, we are waiting for the Palestinians to show good faith.

Whether one thinks Avraham made a mistake in deciding to sacrifice Yitzchak, one thing is for sure, Yitzchak was the perfect example of loyalty and devotion. We all need now to show that loyalty and devotion to Israel.

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