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Oops! Our bad – we botched the dates




In the South African Jewish Report Online’s free weekly newsletter last week, we erroneously stated that the first print edition of Jewish Report would be coming out in the week of January 9. It isn’t, and wasn’t ever planned to.

Fatah poster - largeThe correct information is that the Jewish Report’s offices will reopen this week, on January 9, and that the first print edition will be published next week ending January 16. We regret the error.

Getting our e-Paper?

If you are reading this you will know that SAJR Online has published consistently throughout the holidays. You will probably also know that we send out to over 7 000 subscribers.

The downloadable digital version of the weekly print edition of the South African Jewish Report is sent out free every Wednesday evening – together with a newsletter which highlights what stories appear exclusively on Jewish Report Online – – or are there in more depth and/or with more pictures.

To be the first one on your block to get all the news and views, simply CLICK HERE and go to the right hand side of any page on the website, put in your e-mail address, that’s all we are asking you for, and Bob’s your uncle! You’ll get the newsletter, e-Paper and so much more every week. Absolutely free, and first, every Wednesday evening.

No need to be concerned, about anything

Many people do not feel comfortable with giving out their e-mail addresses. Users have nothing to worry about with SAJR Online – here’s why:

  • Firstly, the only information you are asked to share is your e-mail address, we don’t even need your name’
  • Then, you are completely protected by the Consumer Protection Act and every week we include an “Unsubscribe” option – you are able to simply click on the “OPT OUT” clause at the bottom of the newsletter and our database will permanently delete you;
  • Thirdly, our PRIVACY POLICY states quite clearly that the only purpose we are able to use your e-mail address is to send you the SA Jewish Report newsletter and newspaper; and
  • And, finally, if you have any other concerns you can go and read all of our documentation regarding OTHER LEGAL MATTERS where you will clearly see that this is all by the book.

Nu, so what’s not to like?

So, folks, feel free to sign up, share the information with family and friends, get any groups you are associated with such as shuls, schools, organisations and clubs to have the secretary sign up all the members. They can always opt out if they don’t want it.

SAJR oops - HOME

OOPS. The incorrect note we put in the newsletter last week – it was meant to read: “Office opens Friday 9 Jan” and this week’s newsletter should then have read “Next print edition 16 Jan.” Unless, of course, you get the newsletter, then you get yours on Wed 7 Jan!

But that is most unlikely indeed. Jewish Report has something for everyone – and over 35 per cent of our subscribers live overseas.

Also, remember, the website is updated daily (except on religious holidays) and is completely interactive. Users like to have their say, which they can do on anything posted on the website. And they love to get into argy-bargies, too. You know what they say, two Jews, three opinions!

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