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Schimmel’s story touches many a woman’s heart




He was an “inspired” guest at the home of clinical psychologist and media personality, Dorianne Weil – “Dr D” – in Johannesburg. There, he related his very poignant life story, taking his audience along on his heroic journey of overcoming a host of challenges, which included starting off with a bad speech impediment, being a recovered crystal meth addict and being HIV positive.

The chilly morning did not deter a “bumper crop” of guests who were warmed by a blazing fire and the heart-warming experiences of their guest.

Schimmel uplifted the senses with an audio-visual display of his work. He then relayed the important role his mother played in quite literally saving his life, and in helping him to beat the enormous odds stacked against him. He told how he turned his life around and found meaning in giving to others through mentoring students and fellow performers.

After a standing ovation, Weil pointed out the value in sharing one’s vulnerabilities and how people need to take lessons from Schimmel’s story in order to learn and to grow in our own lives.

As a fitting encore, Schimmel treated his audience to a stunning piece on the piano. An enriching morning well spent.


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