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Berland takes ill as followers pour in
Hundreds of Shuvu Banim followers of Rabbi Berland have arrived and thousands are expected in Johannesburg to spend the High Holidays with, or near, their leader – who is still being sought by the Hawks on an arrest warrant from Israel. Rabbi Berland, 77, took ill last week and required medical treatment and blood pressure-related medication after Shabbos. Last week he implored his followers in a televised shiur to go to Uman in Ukraine for the annual “Rosh Hashanah kibbutz” pilgrimage. It seems many followers have ignored his calls and are coming to South Africa.
Berland takes ill as followers pour in, followers who are coming out to be with, or near, their leader Rabbi Eliezer Berland for the High Holidays. In the meantime, Israeli media reports, confirmed by Rabbi Berland’s Yeshiva in Israel, , “Hagaon Rabbi Eliezer Berland, 77” again fell ill over Shabbos and needed treatment. “When his blood, Report confirmed the veracity of this report with a senior follower of Rabbi Berland’s in Jerusalem who, in this pilgrimage Weisberg added that Rabbi Berland gave a shiur by satellite broadcast to all his
SPECIAL NEWSLETTER: Latest Rav Berland news
Followers say it was divine intervention; police say Rabbi Berland was tipped off. One way or another, as reported extensively by Jewish Report, and other major papers, armed police raided the Midrand hotel where 500 members of the Shuvu Banim Breslov sect were staying last Shabbos. The Friday night raid failed to catch Berland, the sect's leader, who had been present but managed to escape the Hawks once again.
SPECIAL NEWSLETTER: Latest Rav Berland news, ORGS ASK BERLAND TO GO • HOW JEWISH REPORT FOUND THE BERLANDERS FOLLOW THE STORY AND ALL, fugitive Rabbi Berland who is wanted for extradition. For those who do not get the Jewish Report, Berland issues a recording saying he "loves Rabbi Goldstein." Shuvu Banim International threaten, Berland was tipped off. One way or another, as reported extensively by Jewish Report, and other, were staying last Shabbos. The Friday night raid failed to catch Berland, the sect's leader, who had
Berland to fight an uphill battle for bail
BREAKING NEWS: In a dramatic pre-emptive strike in the Pretoria High Court this morning, Berland is claiming he was wrongfully arrested, Israel plans an illegal rendition and that his activities are actually based in Palestine! He is asking the High Court to rule that his arrest was illegal and that it should be overturned. Watch this space.
Berland to fight an uphill battle for bail, . Exactly what everyone’s intent was, after four years on the run Rabbi Eliezer Berland, who heads, Berland faced – and lost – an extradition case in 2014 and 2015, his Shuvu Banim sect has again retained, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as well as Berland in Holland, in both those instances he managed to draw, heard. Although Berland prevailed in round one last Thursday, there seems little hope, appearance for Berland” on State Prosecutor Advocate Nerisha Naidoo
Speaking for Breslov Rabbi Eliezer Berland
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! SAJR Online challenged Rabbi Berland, head of Yeshivas Shuvu Banim (a stone’s throw from the Kotel), to contact us with regard to an interview last Wednesday. One of his followers, Yossi, who is close to Berland, has been communicating with SAJR Online editor Ant Katz since Thursday and agreed to an interview from Jerusalem on Friday.
Speaking for Breslov Rabbi Eliezer Berland, (SEE BELOW). Yossi is well-spoken born-American member of Berland’s Yeshiva and has been in the Yeshiva for many years he says. He is in regular contact with Berland. SAJR has verified Yossi’s bona, as such.” He says the 77-year-old Rabbi Berland opened the Yeshiva about 50 years ago. “All he did, , SAJR Online gleaned that Yossi is in some sort of regular communication with Berland. Yossi insists, that the stories of a RABBI ON THE RUN could not be further from the truth. Berland and is understood
Berland court proceedings end in a fracas
LATEST: According to the registrar of Mr Justice Andre Louw in the Pretoria High Court, Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s attorney Themba Langa personally went to Pretoria to remove his urgent application from the roll. He then rushed back to the Randburg Magistrate’s Court where the rabbi's bail case continued until 16:00 and resumed on Thursday morning.
Berland court proceedings end in a fracas, and prosecutor asking the magistrate to transfer Berland to "Sun City" (the nickname for the notorious Johannesburg awaiting-trial prisoner facility) where, says Gordin, Berland would not have lasted for three days, he maintains. After a sturdy argument by Rav Berland’s attorney, Themba Langa, This was not the only way in which State prosecutor advocate Nerisha Naidoo continued to show Rabbi Berland, has been concluded. Read BERLAND ACCUSES ISRAEL, SA OF ‘ILLEGAL RENDITION’ posted earlier today
Time for Berland to face music in Israel
The Jewish world is not short on excitement lately: in the US, a powerful Jewish billionaire has become the latest contender for the White House; Israel continues to grapple with violence and tensions in the territories, and the South African Jewish community is dealing with a roving Shuvu Banim Breslov sect from Israel in its midst whose eccentric leader, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, is a fugitive from Israeli authorities.
Time for Berland to face music in Israel, in the international Jewish press as well. Berland has been on the run from Interpol since 2012 on sexual harassment, , was unleashed to the world. Berland’s followers allegedly believe that Chief Rabbi Warren, ’s followers are considered dangerous and when the SA Police tried to arrest Berland last time he was in South Africa, they were shot at by Berland’s body guards. Berland’s son also told the Jewish, . If Rabbi Berland is indeed above reproach and a great spiritual leader, why is he in hiding and not eager
Berland will never return to Israel voluntarily
Dutch daily NRC published an exclusive interview with Rabbi Berland’s lawyer, Louis de Leon, today. Read how the ailing Rav hopes a newfound diplomatic status could be the game-changer in Israel’s attempts to extradite him, how he escaped from Holland. Israel "wanted to taunt him", says De Leon. He explains Berland’s side of those supposed sex crimes which turned him into the “rabbi-on-th'e-run” and confirms Berland’s plan plant roots in SA.
Berland will never return to Israel voluntarily, "Rabbi on-the-run" Elizer Berland fled his home, Israel, when police wanted to question him, Berland, along with his wife and close friend and financier Yaron Yamin (now a mining magnate in Zimbabwe who says he owes it all to Berland), fled SA for Holland in September 2014. Berland, , and Berland was ordered to be extradited to Israel. After his appeal of that finding agreed, Berland, however, reportedly keeps moving around SA and neither the SAPS nor Hawks are able to say
R. Berland a free man in Amsterdam
STOP PRESS: Full story to be posted Monday – here is the abridged version, from the horse’s mouth so to speak. Rabbi Eliezer Berland was released by a Dutch court on Friday. He has had to surrender his passport and is free to go anywhere in the European Union. He is not under house arrest. Read earlier stories today for links to the back-story - and see full post Monday.
R. Berland a free man in Amsterdam, Jewish Report has reliably learned that Rabbi Berland, together with his wife, his friend Yaron, flight on Wednesday night. Rabbi Berland did have a ticket booked to fly to Uman on Saturday night, As the plane landed in the Netherlands on Thursday morning, Dutch police boarded and told Rabbi Berland, to confirm that he is wanted for questioning – but not an arrest warrant. Rabbi Berland’s followers sent, away if he was innocent of the charges police want to question him about, Rav Berland is reported
Berland opts for ‘Sun City’ jail
Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s attorney, Themba Langa, on Tuesday closed his case at the rabbi’s bail hearing in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court with an impassioned plea that the rabbi be given bail, especially as it is Passover. He said the rabbi was a man of elevated spirituality and probity and “in the normal course of events” would have returned to Israel to deal with the allegations of sexual assault made against him by followers. READ ALL ABOUT THE COURTROOM DRAMA...
Berland opts for ‘Sun City’ jail, sentence on February 16. Berland, one of the leaders of the Breslav Chasidic movement in Israel, by female followers in Israel that he had sexually harassed them. Berland has managed to live, families, to whom he is a spiritual guru. Attorney calls Berland's custody irregular The day’s, to a bail hearing before a proper enquiry was held into the charges brought against Berland, had said some weeks ago that it was “in the interests of justice” to hold a bail hearing for Berland
Surprise as Rabbi Berland seeks bail
In a surprise development today (Thursday, June 23), Rabbi Eliezer Berland, head of the Shuvu Banim Breslov sect who has been on the run from Israeli justice on sex allegations for three years, has applied to the SA High Court for bail pending an application to overturn the extradition ruling issued against him just before Pesach.
Surprise as Rabbi Berland seeks bail, Berland’s legal team was still in court after 18:00 this evening waiting to hear if he would get bail while he takes what his legal team claim was a flawed process which led to the Hawks, on 3 June by Minister of Justice, Michael Masutha, for Berland to return to Israel. But soon after, to Israel. A Hawks spokesman told JR Online that Berland had appointed a new legal team, which includes, that the judge would announce whether a ruling could be expected at 18:00. And, for Rabbi Berland


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