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How we cracked the story of the year




From the day Rabbi Berland arrived in SA with a band of followers in mid-April, SAJR Online began building a contact base of those around the media-shy “Rabbi on the Run” – which allowed us to  be one step ahead of the pack. There wasn’t a single Israeli mainstream newspaper that wasn’t following us daily to pick up the news.

Rabbi Eliezer Berland - preferred pic - HOME

RIGHT: Rabbi Eliezer Berland

This resulted in our ultimate publication of 53 stories, hundreds of photos, dozens of on-site linked content material, over one hundred and fifty thousand words of copy generated, tens of thousands of words in comments and other items of interest such as phone and video interviews, weekly insider information sessions.

When the charismatic Rabbi Berland wanted his followers in SA, Israel and around the world to a prayer for Israel he penned on July 23, he got it to us to publish in his own handwriting while it was being printed and physically distributed.

Rabbi Berland’s colourful followers divided the largely homogenous Litvak Ashkenazi Jewish community of Johannesburg – and also caused a rift between SA Jewry and Israeli (particularly Sephardi) residents.

During the winter there were arguments about whether the followers should have been allowed to sleep in a freezing cold park in Glenhazel.

A blog by Howard Feldman

In the end, Israel managed to get SA to issue an arrest warrant for the rabbi (seemingly on spurious grounds) and, after botched attempts to the Hawks to issue him, first by the Hawks and then by the SAPS,  to apprehend him, Rabbi Berland left SA for Holland – where he remains to this day.

The last report run on this website was on December 1 after a Dutch court announced it would again refuse Israel’s request for the Shuvu Bonim leader. Prior to coming to SA, Rabbi Berland had spent time in Zimbabwe and in Morocco.

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Apparently wanted by Israeli police to answer charges of sexual molestation, Rabbi Berland was arrested on arrival in Holland in September.

Berlov HOME1

LEFT: Rabbi Berland’s followers in their unique Chassidic dress certainly added some colour to the normal black of the Glenhazel shtetl

But when it turned out that the Israelis could not show an arrest warrant existed in Israel, he was released on his own recognisances.

Between the September and the December hearings, Israeli police did produce an arrest warrant but when the Dutch court drew back the veil of evidence underlying that warrant, not enough evidence could be found to substantiate it.

The Dutch will now not have another hearing unless Israel provides more evidence.

How SAJR stayed on top for 5 months

The famously media-shy Rabbi Eliezer Berland and his followers were not easy to report on. They simply did not trust the media. Jewish Report Online managed to crack the story of the year by playing it straight down the line – establishing a trusting and off the record platform with all parties, and taking no sides.

Berland free.png

On winning his first case in Holland, Rabbi Berland’s followers around the world danced the night away

While allowing all sides to use the platform to communicate their views, SAJR itself did not editorialise, but  merely published the facts, and double-checked the information.

In the end we were able to communicate almost on call with the sect, spoke regularly with Rabbi Berland’s detractors and backers alike and introduced all the issues from all sides. The Shuvu Bonim read on this website that the Hawks had issued an arrest warrant against the rabbi, and from where the Hawks found out he had fled the country.

Immediately after Berland’s arrest, a prominent Israeli lawyer, Sharon Nahari, was sent by his Shuvu Bonim followers to Amsterdam where he recruited local Dutch lawyers, Louis de Leon and Herman Levenstein – the latter was deeply involved in preventing Holland’s parliament from outlawing shechita in 2012.

We spoke to the rabbi’s lawyers in Holland and to the leadership of his Jerusalem Yeshiva. We spoke to him through his closest confidants. After his first conditional release In September, Rabbi Berland said: “I’m done with Israel – It is the State of Hamas not of the Jews!”He also said that the “(Dutch) police said all the complaints about me are ‘Bubba Maisas’, there is nothing there.”

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