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Sherman finally gets her gett




“The Beth Din confirms that Anthony Sherman has granted his wife, Susan, a gett and they are now divorced according to halacha,” read the notice, which was distributed to the community on Friday. “He is no longer under cherem and the cherem restrictions have been lifted.”

His restrictions included being barred from entering a shul, from being part of a minyan, from serving as a valid witness and from being buried in a Jewish cemetery.

Anthony Sherman and his civil law wife, Christie, immigrated to the UK last year. Consequently, gett negotiations re-opened when the cherem needed to be extended to the UK. The London Beth Din worked together with its South African counterpart as well as Go Getters – the SA Gett Network, an activist organisation to help women get their getts.

“We are delighted that Mrs Sherman is now free to move on with her life and that the London Beth Din was able to help her on this difficult journey. We wish her every happiness,” said Joanne Greenaway, the lawyer who deals with difficult gett cases at the London Beth Din. She was instrumental in securing this gett.

According to Rabbi Ruben Suiza of the Cape Beth Din, who worked on this case from the beginning: “The gett is now final and both parties are free to move on with their lives.

After receiving her long-awaited gett, Susan  announced: “With gratitude to Hashem, the SA Beth Din, the London Beth Din and Go Getters – the SA Gett Network, as well as the support of family and friends, I am elated to announce that I got my gett today after seven years! I look forward to a new chapter in my life.”

Michelle Blumenau Alge, the co-founder of Go Getters, was grateful to all who played a part in securing this unconditional gett, including Anthony Sherman. “A number of rabbis at the SA Beth Din, Joanne Greenaway and Dayan Gelley of the London Beth Din pulled out all the stops to ensure that Susan was finally freed.” This is the 11th aguna that Go Getters has supported and helped to free. “We are determined to rid South Africa of any gett abuse,” she added.

The SA Beth Din is currently working on a halachic prenuptial contract, which can be used to help prevent gett abuse. Go Getters has also set up a legal team to support the implementation of this process. It also offers support teams to assist men or women who are unable to get their getts in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

“Should you be getting divorced, make sure that you have your gett before your civil divorce is finalised,” advises Blumenau Alge.

“If it has not been finalised, you must ask the judge to include the gett as part of the divorce settlement. And, if you’re having trouble with your gett, whether you are male or female, we can help you.” 

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