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The year has been a blur




Looking back I can see the many difficulties we have overcome at the Chev, despite the pace at which we travelled, and it has been, thank G-d, productive and successful.  

I’m pleased with both our internal and external achievements in so many areas. The expansion and advancement of our Protected Employment division – currently providing work for over 250 people with intellectual, physical and mental disabilities – is exciting. 

Over the past year we were at the forefront of establishing the Jozi Forum, a national forum for 57 Protected Workshops in the Johannesburg region under the MEC of Social Development. Another especially rewarding project this year has been the refurbishment of the ground floor and communal areas at Our Parents Home, which has delighted our residents. 

Our human resource is our most valuable asset and energy invested in developing our staff offers huge returns for the people in our care. To that end the teambuilding Culture Campaign involving all employees promotes Chev values and has shown measurable results in loyalty, commitment and performance.   

The ohel has been completed at West Park and the Tahara room transformed into a functional and durable space for the holy work of preparing deceased people for burial.

Like most of us, I need a holiday and have booked one in a faraway location with wide open spaces and poor cellphone reception! I hope it will provide a much-needed opportunity to regenerate, regroup and rethink, because already 2016 is presenting with a number of challenges. 

Although the organisation is doing better on a number of levels, the desperate needs of our shrinking, ageing and stretched community are escalating and ever more demanding.

Maybe 2016 will proceed at a slower pace  What are the chances? If you are going away, please travel safely and return refreshed and relaxed. If you’re in Johannesburg and have the opportunity to visit our residents, they would really appreciate that.

May our partnership continue to thrive.

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