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Travel lighter and laugh a bit





 Pictured Jessica Nurock and Lara Noik, Chev social workers; Arlene Bernstein; and Rabbi Yossy Goldman.

Aligned with the content of her talk, Bernstein, the director of LifeLine for 18 years and now a marriage preparation supervisor and private clinician, carried the evening off with composure. She described the numerous challenges that make modern-day life so difficult. Many in the 100-plus audience at Sydenham Shul hall could but nod in recognition!

That part wasn’t so much fun, but but then she got to how we can make this a wonderful world after all. Every life, she said, needed three core components to facilitate the building of self-esteem and resilience namely a sense of belonging; feeling connected to others; and meaning and purpose to strive towards.

As the terminology implies, building self-esteem is not quickly or easily done. It requires time and patience to build, as well as a conscious, present and mindful approach that hinges on our taking ownership and responsibility for our lives and destinies. 

Bernstein suggested that “we own every interaction we have”, stop harbouring negative self-talk, be less defensive and more open to feedback, and, perhaps most importantly, “travel lighter, and laugh a bit!”

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