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So, what are users saying this week?

Among those posting comments over the past week have been an Orthodox rabbi, who for obvious reasons did not want to be named; Beit Emanuel chairman Diane Fine, who posted what she had read to the congregation on the brouhaha over the relationship between the Progressive rabbis and anti-Israel organisations; The UOS’ outgoing executive director, Darren Sevitz, who tried to calm the waters after a flood of supporters gave the UOS a piece of their mind; and Swiss-based fugitive Dean Rees, who objected to being called Tannenbaum’s “crony” and decided to name names of others who were involved in SA’s biggest-ever Ponzi scheme – which we, unfortunately, had to reduce to initials. Sorry, Dean, but we don’t want to have to go on the run as well.

Here’s the tachlis as of today

Here is what’s hot today. Users should note that once the comments start flying, everything changes. On the teaser to each story and on the LATEST PAGES (which are our most popularly visited) the number of comments are shown and are updated in real time – as we moderate them, that is.

ON ORTHODOX JEWRY: After Darren Sevitz was “STRUCTURED OUT” this became our second-most commented story ever on this website. It has quietened down somewhat since Darren himself asked folks to be nice. There was a FOLLOW-UP STORY which had less comments.

ON PROGRESSIVE JEWRY: A host of comments followed our DISUNITY PLAGUES PROGS story last week and the editorial , THE MINEFIELD OF PULPIT POLITICS by editor-in-chief Geoff Sifrin.

ON ISRAEL NEWS: Users shared their grief on BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER OF SA OLIM DIES, gave a great hoorah to UN Ambassador’s WE WON’T GIVE UP JERUSALEM speech to the Security Council; and had their say on NOT EXCERCISING POWER FOR PEACE.

ON THE BDS/WOOLIES SAGA: Last week’s story, STUDENTS HAVE THEIR WINGS CLIPPED over pigs drew a lot of interest, while today’s WOOLIES GETS TOUGH & BDS GETS DESPERATE has already started climbing the ladder. Expect things to get red-hot in the run-up to the Woolies AGM next Wednesday (November 26), and BDS’ attempts to challenge the interdict regarding their intention to again hit 40 Woolies stores next Saturday. Let’s hope the directors and shareholders of Woolies are less easy for BDS to pull hoaxes on, than the gullible media they have used to great effect this past week.

For what it’s worth, we have published for users the complete BACK STORY on this issue plus an amazing graph showing how Woolies shares have climbed from R70 30 days ago, to almost R90 today!

ON TANNENBAUM: Dean Rees happened upon a recent story of ours, TANNENBAUM CRONY REES ORDERED TO COUGH UP R160 mil – and had a tantrum.

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  1. Beinash Spaack

    Nov 19, 2014 at 8:18 pm

    ‘1a.Re Darren Sevitz: While the man has done a great deal for Jewry, not everyone has had the misfortune of seeing the dark side of him. Daaren’s integrity is only as clean as those who live in ignorance. His \”downfall\” for the most part is certainly welcomed.

    1b. The ReStructuring: It seems from various posts that the chief rabbi, Rabbi W Goldstein is destined to assume responsibilities from 01 December or there about. It concerns me that we’re in the process of creating a power hungry despot: and that dear co religionists is not healthy for our fragile community. Alas, the NEC of the UOS did not obviously think that far!!!

    2. Re Reform Fiasco: Damn it…We knew all along there was someting very strane about the whole structure, and now!! Yes, and now – they have to hang their dirty washing for the public to see the organisations truest colours, and Gosh!! – they’re dirty. How embarassing. Damn I only wish I felt tfor them but I don’t. Reform are their own worst enemies. PG let it happen soon that they disappear from the religious framework soon.’

  2. Lenny G

    Nov 21, 2014 at 1:03 pm

    ‘Re Beinash Spaack; your comment No 2 – when seeing the response from some members of Reform shuls the washing doesn’t seem to be as dirty as you make out. Perhaps it’s also time for bigots to disappear!’

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