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Western Cape ANC does its nut over DA’s ME visit




In a release on Tuesday, the Western Cape ANC referred to “this DA propaganda trip”, calling it a “scandal”.

The statement said “the ANC… reiterates our support of the people of Palestine who we view as the oppressed in this issue and we will strengthen our support for the cause”.

It went on to attack Israel’s Ambassador to South Africa for his “unprecedented” statement  “attacking the ANC.

“Its (sic) rare and unheard of for a foreign representative, that is a guest of our Government, to attack the governing party. We do not see it fit (sic) to respond publicly to the Israeli Embassy’s insults, allegations and misrepresentations but we warn the Israeli Embassy and Ambassador not to interfere with our political sovereignty.

“This recent insult indicates the arrogance and the impunity with which the Israeli government operates and is a reminder that the government of Israel is likely using it’s state machinery to interfere with our sovereignty.

“The ANC in the Western Cape calls on the status of South Africa’s embassy in Tel Aviv to be downgraded and for South Africa to expedite a complete review of South African-Israel relations including trade, immigration and diplomatic relations.”


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