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Who is Dorothy M Zellner? asks Ant Katz




“Did it ever occur to these loony-Jews that they could simply move their investments away from TIAA-CREF if that would make them feel better?” asks Ant Katz in a new blog just published.

“I know in the Zionist circles they speak of (Archbishop Emeritus) Tutu as an anti-Semite. But it’s getting harder and harder to get away with that. They can call a nebbish like me an anti-Semite.” These are the words of one of US’ most dangerous anti-Zionist Jews according to the Anti-Defamation League’s 2013 Top-10 anti-Israel groups in the US, Dorothy M Zellner.

Dorothy Zellner has been a fighter her whole life. She is a former staff member for the Student Non-Violent Co-ordinating Committee, who is today active in the Palestinian solidarity movement as a member of the board of the Friends of Jenin Freedom Theatre, a founding member of Jews Say No! and is a member and volunteer with the Jewish Voice for Peace organisation – one of the ADL’s Top-10.


Zellner, who was in SA as the guest of Jewish Voices for Peace (JVFP) and BDS two months ago, has links to a myriad anti-Israeli organisations such as BDS, Partners for Peace in Israel and a host of others.

Ant HOMERead Ant’s (pictured right) comprehensive investigative blog in which he names dozens of seriously anti-Zionist Jewish organisations worldwide – and links Dorothy Zellner to them one by one.

Last month, Zellner spoke at a JEWS FOR JUSTICE FOR PALESTINIANS conference in the US. Here is what was reported: Dorothy Zellner, an activist with Jewish Voice for Peace and Jews Say No! on New York’s Upper West Side, spoke on a plenary Monday afternoon about how the experience of being SNCC organiser during Freedom Summer relates to her activism for Palestinian rights. Warning students that speaking out against oppressive Israeli policies will incur real push-back, her voice choked up, and she said: “You need to have a long-term vision: What you are doing by speaking out is a mitzvah that will live on long after you do.

“This is why I am here.

“The security of a Jewish future will depend, not on the might of the Israeli military, but on the empowerment of young Jews to grapple with and act on urgent questions of social justice. We are here, we care, and we want to have these conversations without boundaries and red lines.

“Jewish communities keep asking themselves over and over again: ‘How do we engage young Jews?’ Well, here is your answer: Drop the policies that alienate students and attempt to police thought and opinion. Be accountable to student voices, not just donors’ political agendas. Empower student leaders and decision-makers, don’t infantilise them.”

JUST WHO IS THIS DOROTHY ZELLNER? is a no holds barred exposé of a world SA Jewry is not used to at all. It offers a multitude of illustrations and links to places where Jews who hate Israel operate.

“Just how the seemingly three-member-strong local Jewish anti-Zionist organisation, JVJP, can have penned and published Thou shalt not bear false witness is beyond this writer,” says Ant Katz. We can only hope they stay a three-member-strong friend of BDS/StopTheJNF and their ilk!

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  1. Gary Selikow

    Nov 24, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    ‘It is trendy to be Jewish and hate Israel. these people are just jumping on the bandwagon

  2. jonnie

    Nov 27, 2014 at 11:59 pm

    Jewish history has been replete with the so called enlightened ones who believed that by abandoning Jewish culture,including a love of Zion,they would be welcomed by the nations of the world.They became known as \”Court Jews\” who were manipulated by Anti Semites on the alter of public opinion.

    At the end of the day who really cares about these rootless cosmopolitans and charlatans,who have identity crisese as large as the Kimberley hole and common sense  the size of a pinhead

  3. Bennie Katzman

    Nov 28, 2014 at 10:54 am

    ‘Stalin once said of Jewish communists : \” They are useful idiots \”‘

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