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Why some allow themselves to become puppets of our enemies



Leslie Hotz

There are three reasons why Jews allowed themselves to be co-opted to the Judenrat. One was fear for themselves and their families. This is, clearly, not the case today, but the other two reasons are still valid.

Firstly there is the desire for self-aggrandisement. They wish to display their superior moral principles, ignoring the hatred of our enemies and their implacable desire to destroy Israel and all Jews and will deny the right of Israel, a right common to all, of self-defence and self-preservation by whatever means necessary.

Secondly, there are those misguided individuals who feel they will save Israel by their efforts, a desire which failed those individuals of the Judenrat and went up in the smoke of Auschwitz.

Lastly, our enemies deny their anti-Semitism by citing the number of Jews who support them.


Rouxville. Johannesburg


We now close correspondence on this subject. – Editor





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