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2014 braai first event for SAUJS Wits




As the year kicked off for the University of Witwatersrand, so did the year for the South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS). The sun was shining as eager-eyed first-year students made their way to the Wits amphitheatre while other Jewish students slowly meandered to the grass for the opening SAUJS braai.

On arriving, students were asked to vote for various offices for the SAUJS Wits committee they then received a free raffle ticket and a chance to win a Tomato watch sponsored by Colin Biddle and a manicure and pedicure donated by Adi Lew.

Feldman2There was an abundance of food and popcorn which made for a feast of fun for the afternoon. 

The writer, Zac Feldman, was appointed chair of SAUJS wits along with the rest of the committee. Cayla Solomon is vice-chair and Raphy Feldman is the branch treasurer.

Yakira Amoils and her committee were appointed in charge of Wits events and Gabi Lew was tasked to head community affairs. Yael Katz was appointed religious officer.

The winner of the Tamato watch was Precious Msweli (PIC RIGHT), a friend of Israel and a great fan of Zionism.

This will be her third year being part of SAUJS and she would like to visit Israel with her Church group who so often trip to the Holy Land.

Feldman1She is studying a postgraduate degree in education and proud to be part of SAUJS.


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The winner of the manicure and pedicure was Yair Katz (PIC LEFT), a first year medical student. Katz said that having spent the last two years in Israel and now starting his study of medicine, a manicure and pedicure was just what he needed.

However, said Yair, he was considering giving the voucher to his mother.

All in all the day was an absolute success and everyone had a fantastic time. SAUJS is very excited and plans to have many more great events in the coming year.

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