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So many in our community have lost their jobs since the onset of lockdown. We have invited people in this position to send in their details so we can help them find work. Here is our third group:

Name: Alan Glauber

Experience: Experienced graduate

Education: BA English and Drama [UCT]; Performers Diploma in Speech and Drama [UCT]; BA Honours [Wits]

Looking for a position in: Writing, editing, and proofreading work, but also any type of assistant/organisational work for those who feel they need someone to help sort out an overwhelmed business.

More information: I currently work as an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Examiner, which means that I assess people’s levels of English proficiency using the IELTS test. This work isn’t full-time though. I’ve haven’t received any income for six months because of COVID-19, and need to supplement my income. I have experience in corporate conference organising, running my own second-hand book stall, teaching English as a foreign language, and in the theatre, television, and movie world as an actor. I’m efficient and bright, so if you’re looking for someone to help you as a manager or assistant, I’d be interested in discussing that with you too.

Current location: Johannesburg

Willing to relocate: Yes

Email address:

Name: Andrew Lewis

Experience: Experienced and accomplished bookkeeper with 15 years’ experience in full charge accounting, and 10 years’ experience in all aspects of property admin and management

Looking for a position in: Administration office support and management

More information: Team player but able to work at any level

Current location: Durban

Willing to relocate: Yes

Email address:

Name: Anthony Katz

Experience: Computer expert

Education: Matric [King David Linksfield]; BA and BA Honours [Wits]; MPhil [Stellenbosch University]; Wits Languages; King David Linksfield Audiovisual; and IT, Sun City Languages and IT

Current location: Johannesburg

Willing to relocate: No

Email address:

Name: Arlene Goldberg

Experience: Insurance underwriting

Education: Damelin Night School

Looking for a position in: I’m a personal lines insurance underwriter. I am highly experienced. I’m also able to do administration work.

More information: I’m a fast but accurate typist. I have many years of insurance experience. I am honest, reliable, and dedicated to my work. I’m cheerful and like to assist clients and colleagues.

Current location: Sydenham, Johannesburg

Willing to relocate: No

Email address:

Name: Barret Edelstein

Experience: Marketing, New Business, and Brand Development

Education: Matric [King David High School]; BA Communications [Unisa]; Post-Graduate Marketing/Account Management [AAA School of Advertising]; Digital Marketing, Business Branding, Marketing Strategy, and Graphic Design [Udemy]

Looking for a position in: Marketing, Communications, Brand Manager, or Director

More information: As a marketing and communication expert, my experience includes creating and executing ideas to engage target audiences in innovative ways, analysis, and creating reports about the impact of the campaign. I’ve been able to use my marketing and communications skills in South Africa, Israel, and England to improve various levels of marketing and communications, business development, and project management in industries such music and entertainment, financial services, banking, telecommunications, health and beauty, and IT.

Current location: Johannesburg

Willing to relocate: No

Email address:

Name: Corinne Rothschild

Experience: Secretary / Receptionist

Education: Secretarial course [Anchor College]

Looking for a position in: Receptionist / Secretary / Admin

More information: I’m a professional, hardworking, and committed individual, with over 20 years of administrative, reception, and secretarial experience. My warm and hospitable nature is testament to the number of front-line positions I’ve been in, often being the first impression the client will have when engaging with the company. I’ve performed many tasks including client liaison, invoicing, switchboard, workers’ wages, bank statement analysis, workers’ schedules, and general office duties, as well as sales. I’m also proficient in Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, and basic Excel).

Current location: Johannesburg

Willing to relocate: No

Email address:

Name: Daniel Traub

Experience: Experienced lawyer

Education: Matric [King David High School Linksfield]; BA LLB [Wits]

Looking for a position in: Legal Advisor / Lawyer

More information: I was admitted as an attorney and thereafter as an advocate of the high court.

Email address:

Name: Daniet Levin

Experience: Proofreader

Education: Matric [King David High School Linksfield]; BA [Unisa]; PGCE [RAU, UJ]

Looking for a position in: Proofreader

More information: I have taught before, full-time and in locum positions. I am quite creative and am currently sewing for a small company. I would work in teaching as well.

Email address:

Name: Dave Carless

Experience: Experienced customer services manager with extensive FMCG knowledge, including logistics and forecourts

Education: Matric and business-related diplomas including MAP at Wits University

Looking for a position in: Full-time or project-based, ideally in sales/logistics at any level

More information: Over 35 years FMCG experience within blue chip operations. I’m a professional results-driven customer services individual, with strong relationship building strengths.

Current location: Sandringham, Johannesburg

Willing to relocate: No

Email address:

Name: David Joffe

Experience: Business development, managing sales teams, recruitment, training, development, and mentoring

Education: HDip.Ed

Looking for a position in: Business Development Manager

More information: I’m married with three boys aged between two and 13 years old. I’ve volunteered for Hatzolah as a responder for the last seven years. I have developed skills in business development management, including recruitment, training, management, and mentoring of sales teams. I have primarily been involved in the security industry for the past 11 years, however my skills can be used in any sector. I am dedicated and always open to learning new skills.

Email address:

Name: Denis Sandler

Experience: Accountant

Education: B.Acc [Wits]; CA (SA)

Looking for a position in: Accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and finance

More information: I’m a mature experienced Accountant with many years of financial, accounting, admin, and management experience. After completing articles and qualifying as a CA, I’ve worked in various financial roles. My most recent position was as a Financial Director and part-owner of an IT company, taking responsibility for the full accounting and admin functions.

Current location: Sandton

Willing to relocate: No

Email address:

Name: Mandi Garbman

Experience: Senior Art Director, and Digital Marketing and Design

Education: Matric [Herzlia] and AAA College of Advertising

Looking for a position in: Marketing and Design

More information: I have 20 years in advertising from retail, start-ups, financial, wellness, interior, FMCG, B2B, and the NPO/NGO sector working in the creative and marketing departments. Specialising in digital, print design, and social media content. Working on top-shelf international and local brands. Managing and implementing campaigns, and projects from packaging, social media, activations, animation, interior design renderings, and internal and external design.

Current location: Cape Town

Willing to relocate: Yes

Email address:

Name: Michelle Geffen

Experience: Admin

Education: Matric

Looking for a position in: Basic admin or office position, part-time or full-time within the Edenvale area

More information: I’m a very loving and patient person, with a good nature, very reliable, and honest. I have experience with basic office work.

Current location: Johannesburg

Willing to relocate: No

Email address:

Name: Nicole Silver

Experience: Administrator and Bookkeeper to Balance Sheet

Education: Matric [Sandringham High School]; Bookkeeping diploma [Birnam Business College]; Pastel Accounting certificate

Looking for a position in: Admin Assistant/Bookkeeper to Balance Sheet looking for a full-time job preferably in the north-eastern suburbs. Can work from home too.

More information: Worked for accountants for over 22 years. Am looking for a new challenge and change. I’m competent, capable, and have a great attitude. I’m very loyal and honest.

Current location: Gauteng

Willing to relocate: No

Email address:

Name: Rael Wingrin

Experience: Experienced Bookkeeper

Education: Matric [Carmel, Pretoria]

Looking for a position in: Bookkeeping, Admin Assistant. Available for part-time work in Johannesburg and Pretoria

More information: I’m an accounting professional with many years’ experience in running my own business as well as bookkeeping services for other companies. I have experience in Pastel Accounting, SARS Efiling, Ufiling, CIPC annual returns, payroll, and import and export. I am known for my integrity, reliability, and service.

Current location: Pretoria

Willing to relocate: No

Email address:

Name: Selwyn Kanushefsky

Experience: Sales Representative and Stock Controller

Education: Matric [Kimberley Boys High School]

Looking for a position in: Sales Representative or Warehouse Manager / Stock Controller

More information: I’ve been in the sales industry for most of my life, both in store and on the road. I was in the clothing industry in Kimberley, and then moved to Johannesburg within the golf clothing world. I’ve been a sales representative for many years. I’m driven and eager to work hard and have a purpose again. I’m hands-on and dedicated.

Current location: Johannesburg

Willing to relocate: No

Email address:

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Centenarian Rose Norwich zooms in on a life of achievement



They say that age is just a number, but when you turn 100 during a pandemic, there’s every reason to celebrate.

Riviera resident Rose Norwich marked her centennial birthday on 2 January, and while COVID-19 prevented any in-person celebration, the occasion was a special one indeed.

“People have been so kind,” Norwich told the SA Jewish Report. “I didn’t realise I was a such a novelty. Turning a hundred kind of creeps up on you.”

Although unable to see her four children, eight grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, and other relatives, Norwich celebrated her birthday with friends and family in Zoom gatherings.

“My family all live in different places around the world, and we had three separate Zoom sessions: one for my children and grandchildren, another with my siblings, and the others with friends around the world. It was such fun and really wonderful.

“It was almost better, in a way, to have this. Most of them couldn’t have come here, regardless of COVID-19. If anything, this business has taught us a lesson that we need to stay together as families rather than be separated. At times of crisis, we need one another.”

Born in 1921 in Johannesburg, Norwich has notched up endless accomplishments. The second of five children, she completed a degree in architecture at 22, and went on to devote much of her life to Jewish communal organisations.

“I did my degree towards the end of the war, met my husband, and started a family,” she says. “My parents had both been integrally involved in community organisations, so it wasn’t new to me.

“I started at ORT Jet in the sixties. The organisation was going through a bad patch, and Richard Goldstone, Basil Wunsch, and I worked to resurrect it and see it grow. We changed what it did, made it interdenominational, and set up a system that would help all kinds of people achieve all kinds of different things.”

Norwich was subsequently invited to join the Union of Jewish Women, becoming the organisation’s president and joining the South African Jewish Board of Deputies as a result.

“They asked me if I would do an exhibition of South African Jewry for the Beit Hatfutsot Museum in Israel. It was a major project that I did over two years, collecting plenty of photos for use in the exhibition. They say that 60 000 people saw it in Israel, and I visited it with my late husband, Isadore.”

Another major project to which Norwich devoted herself was a master’s dissertation, which she took up at the age of 66, 44 years after completing her first degree.

“I met somebody overseas who showed me pictures of destroyed shuls,” she says. “I knew we had shuls in South Africa which had fallen apart owing to sheer neglect, so I did my dissertation on 43 of the early synagogues of Johannesburg and the Reef.

“It took me four years, trawling through archives and discovering places that had been forgotten. It was remarkable. There are copies of my dissertation at Hebrew University, Beit Hatfutsot, and I gave one to each of my children. I’m very proud of that accomplishment.”

The last surviving member of her immediate family, Norwich spends much of her time alone these days, but has devoted herself to penning her life story.

“My husband passed away 25 years ago,” she says. “I’ve been lonely, but I can’t sit around and do nothing. I may be a little more tired than I used to, but I can still see and hear. I need to keep busy.

“I’ve learned first-hand that when push comes to shove, you need other people in your life. You can’t do it alone. You have to put your foot in the water to get going, be open to all sorts of things, and go out there to see what’s what.”

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Habonim honours Anstey, a ‘superman without a cape’



The outgoing manhig (leader) of South African Habonim Dror, Errol Anstey, took his departure from the youth movement after 20 years of service in an online Zoom call with nearly 300 current and former members, friends, and family.

“I agreed to take the job for a year or two back in 2000, and never dreamt it would end up being 20 years of challenging but hugely satisfying work,” Anstey said in an emotional speech to his audience from around the world.

In the late 1990s, the movement had dropped in numbers, finances were in a mess, and the well-known Onrust campsite was in bad shape, former shaliach Ronen Segall recalled. “Errol was the obvious choice for someone with deep knowledge of the movement, its workings, and its campsite. In my eyes, Errol became Habonim’s true hero, a superman without a cape but full of capability.”

In a short space of time, Anstey led a significant turnaround for Habonim along with the team of shlichim and Habonim leadership. His fundraising, finance, and administration skills shone, and over his term as manhig an estimated R20 million has been raised and invested in the Onrust campsite to make it one of the most sought-after and valuable campsites in South Africa.

“This has enabled the movement not only to maintain the site to a high level, but the revenue has helped finance many of the movement’s activities,” Anstey proudly told his audience.

The traditional role of the manhig since the founding of SA Habonim Dror was always to be the “adult in the room” to act as a guide and mentor to the movement’s young leadership. Former mazkira klalit (general secretary) of Habonim from 2005, Micaela Browde, paid tribute to Anstey saying, “You were really a stalwart for us, you fought for us, you had our backs, you made sure we were supported, guided, and you did so with strength, humility, and humour.”

Anstey described some of the challenges during his stint including differences of opinion and sometimes open confrontation with mainstream Jewish community leadership when Habonim was critical of some of Israel’s actions. “It wasn’t easy to be a lone voice for progressive, liberal thinking as South Africa’s community became predominantly conservative,” he said with his usual frankness.

Another mazkir klali, Daniel Sussman from 2019, described Anstey’s catch phrase as “do everything, all the time, never sleep”. This succinctly summed up for him the endless number of projects and activities which Anstey led over the past two decades on behalf of Habonim.

Stanley Bergman, originally from Port Elizabeth and now in New York, the national treasurer for Habonim in 1968, paid tribute to Anstey’s enormous efforts to support several generations of Habonim members. He praised him for his ability to connect with graduates from the movement around the world and develop a donor community to support the Habonim Foundation which he initiated.

Anstey spoke of the erratic provision of Habonim shlichim from Israel over the years, and how he had additionally become a shaliach himself, which meant mentoring the leadership and members of the movement. He emphasised that he had “the privilege of working with the cream of South African Jewish youth” and said “there was nothing more fulfilling than working with inspired youth”. Their activism had motivated him to run successfully for public office in 2011 as a member of the Democratic Alliance.

During the Zoom session, many participants showered praise on Anstey’s term as manhig including Isaac Herzog, the chairperson of the Jewish Agency for Israel, who acknowledged the “outstanding contribution” that he had made to Habonim over so many years.

Former mazkir klali in the early 1980s, Stephen Pincus, expressed his appreciation for Anstey’s earlier roles as camp organiser at one of the largest Onrust camps ever, and later in spearheading the 50th anniversary celebrations of the movement.

“It was clear from those early years that Errol had that obvious aptitude for organisation along with a commitment to the movement,” he said. “Little did we know that we unleashed a formidable force which reverberated in the movement for more than 40 years.”

Anstey told the audience that his two children, Saul and Talia, had followed in his footsteps, having attended 12 Onrust camps and later became his “eyes on the ground” regarding movement dynamics. He also noted that it was probably an unprecedented situation that they had actually left the movement before their father did.

Anstey warmly welcomed the new incoming manhig, Wayne Sussman, in his usual modest style saying how satisfying it was for him to hand over the mantle to “someone who will be better than me and will take Habonim to new heights”.

Sussman responded in the session with his usual passionate style, describing the six previous manhigim who preceded him as “giants on whose shoulders we stand”. He lamented the fact that the Habonim leadership was on a Zoom call and not at the annual Onrust camp, and how challenging it was going to be in 2021 without the lessons learned and experiences from machaneh.

“Our first task will be to assist the 2021 bogrim led by the new mazkir, Aaron Sher, to capture some of the magic which will be lost, but I’m confident we can do it,” said Sussman.

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JNF Blue Box enters the digital age



When is a Jewish National Fund (JNF) Blue Box not a blue box? Never. Even though the physical box now has a digital donation option, it’s still the age-old Blue Box.

This box has for decades symbolised the JNF and the commitment of Jewish people around the world to rebuild Israel.

And for decades, it has been filled to the brim with pennies, cents, nickels, dimes, lira, and francs – coins of every denomination dropped in, one could almost say, religiously every Friday evening before Shabbat candle lighting.

Now it’s no longer limited to physical coins and a metal box. The new Blue Box with a digital donation option via SnapScan will be launched in time for Channukah to keep the tradition of the Blue Box alive for the next 120 years.

The first real Blue Box was, oddly enough, Theodor Herzl’s hat. At the Fifth Zionist Congress in 1901, he used his hat to solicit donations from delegates as a means of purchasing land to establish a Jewish homeland.

Soon after, a Polish bank clerk proposed that a collection box bearing the words “National Fund” be placed in every Jewish home to raise money for land purchases. Production began in Vienna. The boxes were initially produced in a blue material and thus became known as Blue Boxes.

Over the past 120 years, funds collected via the Blue Box from around the world have assisted the JNF to realise its aim of developing land in Israel: building roads and water reservoirs, establishing parks, and preparing the soil for agriculture and settlement. Beyond fundraising, the Blue Box is also an important educational tool for spreading the Zionist message and renewing the historic bond between the Jewish people and EretzYisrael.

Stories about the Blue Box have become legendary. In the United States around Tu B’Shvat, teams of children brandishing JNF Blue Boxes would travel from Brooklyn to Manhattan on the New York City subway system. They would move from train car to train car with these ubiquitous boxes in hand, soliciting contributions from passengers and stopping only when they sensed or saw the approach of policemen.

In South Africa, members of the JNF would visit Jewish homes every Sunday to collect and then empty Blue Boxes, diligently counting the hundreds or thousands of coins inside them. In addition to being proudly displayed in almost every South African Jewish home, Blue Boxes were also present in schools, shuls, Jewish-owned businesses, medical waiting rooms, even hairdressing salons.

In times past when life wasn’t so frenetic and women could spend afternoons playing rummy and socialising, the money raised and won during the games was often dropped into the Blue Box, adding to the largesse and reputation of that particular hostess.

Today the iconic Blue Box (or pushke) remains the link between the Jewish people and the land, and to many, perhaps even to the majority of the Jewish world, it’s a symbol of Jewish continuity. They can also be quite valuable: a few antique Blue Boxes were auctioned by Sotheby’s recently, realising more than $3 000 (R46 006) each.

However, in the age of credit cards, cryptocurrency, and e-wallets, fundraising via a coin-based Blue Box risks becoming an anachronism.

So, the JNF has relaunched the Blue Box and linked it to the SnapScan mobile-payments app. A QR code will be found on all new Blue Boxes purchased from the JNF. People with old boxes can bring them in to have the QR code imprinted for no extra charge.

It’s modern technology indeed, but inextricably linked to a century-old tradition of keeping Israel alive in every Jewish heart.

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