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Colder than inside your deep freezer





It is common-knowledge that in most years more die as a result of summer heat events than winter cold.

ThornhillBe that as it may, the temperature in Toronto’s Jewish centre of Thornhill hit a horribly chilly -20 degrees centigrade on Tuesday morning. Not too toasty for those on the streets, students, bus commuters and the like.

Feels like

As with most advanced communities, weather reports always give the “FEELS LIKE” temperature, which takes outside factors like wind chill (or heat in summer) into account and that is the bell-weather figure that locals who are lucky enough to have it watch for.

It is the tachlis and more accurately represents the actual weather condition.

At -27 degrees, that’s colder than the inside of a domestic deep-freezer.

User Mick in Toronto shared this very cold news with Jewish Report Online. “I’m walking around in a T-shirt,” said the accompanying -mail. Mick is retired and lucky enough to live in an air-conditioned home that is always at 21 degrees.

Until he needs to go shopping, that is…

  • Thornhill is home to thousands of émigré SA Jewish families
  • Toronto is the 5th-largest city in North America, after Mexico and three US locations

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