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‘Comprehensive’ investigation delays Stan & Pete probe




The company – engaged by the Union of Orthodox Synagogues to conduct the investigation – issued an interim report on 12 June.

The firm was mandated to “establish whether the discovery of non-kosher chickens in February in the kitchen of Stan & Pete was an isolated incident, or part of a pattern of wilfully bringing non-kosher food into the kitchen”.

It will establish how the “kashrut supervision system of the Beth Din with its mashgichim, inspectors and safety measures could have been circumvented, and recommend how the system can be improved”.

The law firm said it had hoped to conclude its report by mid-June, but the process had been rigorous and comprehensive, and findings continued to be recorded.

Led by Jonathan Schlosberg, the team comprises Bowman personnel including Senior Litigation Partner Miles Carter, Litigation Associate Masozi Misi, as well as two analysts and two partners from the company’s forensics practice.

The team has spent about 300 hours engaged in interviews, report transcription and compilation, meetings, and various other attendances.

An interim report states that the firm launched its investigation by interviewing the individuals believed to be able to provide the most useful background and lead information necessary for carrying out the investigation.

A total of 17 people were interviewed by the time the report was published, and a further 12 contacted by telephone, some of whom asked to remain anonymous.

Owner Jeff Shull was contacted, and declined to meet the investigating team. More people will be interviewed as the investigation progresses.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. David B

    Jun 29, 2018 at 5:15 am

    ‘I have some empathy for Jeff Shull in this matter , as whether it was his fault or the lack of expertise or  ignorance of the mashgichim, or possibly downright negligence of staff or mashgichim, the owner Jeff has suffered the ultimate of losing his business and taking the brunt of the bad talk and reporting of the matter.

        No report will ever find the true cause, in my opinion, which nullifies the point of the whole operation. A historical part of the kashrut community is now kaput, with all being losers   ‘

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