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Jack and Annette look back on 70 years of marriage




This was in contrast to the 400 guests who attended their wedding at the Yeoville Synagogue on Christmas Day in 1946. This particular day for their wedding was chosen to accommodate the numerous country relatives from the Free State, who made the “trek” to Johannesburg to join them and celebrate the beginning of a unique journey which would last for 70 years.

They started off their marriage with “seven and sixpence” (very little) according to Annette in her memoirs. She wrote these together with her son Philip, who edited it from Australia. This meant, at the age of 78 learning to use a laptop computer, given to her by her oldest grandson A.

Her memoirs recounted the history of her family’s journey from Lithuania to Doornforntein to Linksfield West and was presented to her four children at her and Jack’s 60th wedding anniversary – the last time their entire family was together.

Jack and Annette were blessed not only with longevity, but also with a wonderful life together, enjoying travel, sports and outdoor life together with their children. They played bowls for many years at Linksfield Bowling Club.

Despite emigration of two of their children to Israel and Australia, in earlier years they often travelled to visit them. They now have 10 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. The lowest point of their otherwise wonderful life was the loss of their son in Australia three years ago. Fortuitously his grandson was born on Jack’s 92nd birthday on January 17 this year.

Jack worked as a pharmacist for nearly 70 years, retiring last year from a profession he loved. He met many people in the industry and was known for his kindness and telling doctors jokes. He was known as “Uncle Jack” to all and was frequently greeted at malls by “strangers” who he had long forgotten, but who remembered him affectionately.

Jack also played the violin in a Johannesburg orchestra in his youth and, until arthritis affected his fingers, he still enjoyed playing a melody or two.

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