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Left’s twisted logic – an awesome gymnastic display

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I dedicate this column to the South African and global left. This is their time of need.

I acknowledge that all too often, I get so caught up with my own worries and stresses that I forget that there are others suffering greater horrors than they would have imagined a short while ago. Because not only are they predisposed to experience more feelings than the rest of us, but the mental gymnastics required to stay afloat when everything around crumbles, must be exhausting.

And so, for a limited time only, I intend making this about “love and light” – their prevailing currency of care – and I will “hashtag” “healing vibes” a minimum of thrice per day to at least two social media platforms. Not once. Not twice. But thrice.

Because if anything speaks to the depth of care, it’s posting #HealingVibes.

Whereas many of us haven’t slept a peaceful night since 7 October, it’s arrogant to think that we suffer alone. Consider the many challenges that those on the far left face each day. Just for starters, there’s the steep curve of upskilling that was required since that date.

Not only did it become crucial to learn where Israel and Gaza were geographically – not everyone has that under their belt – but a completely new language had to be acquired. Words like “genocide”, “apartheid”, “Nazi”, “Zionist”, “concentration camp”, and “ethnic cleansing” not only had to be misunderstood, but also learned to be used incorrectly in a sentence. Sometimes even in a paragraph.

“From the river to the sea!” needed to become a reflex, and so instinctive, it could be screamed in moments of confusion. It also had to be learned that “Free Palestine” wasn’t a “buy-one-get-one-free offer”. And that aside from the aid money stolen by Hamas, little in Gaza is free.

History had to be rewritten. “Context” needed to provide none. And an enormous number of facts had to be ignored. Not always easy.

A list of those who start their rants with “as a Jew” – or more commonly known as the “self-hating” kind – had to be studied and learned to provide a shield against accusations of antisemitism. “I can’t be an antisemite because Ronnie Kasrils is my friend’s neighbour” and the much loved “I can’t be an antisemite because Arabs are semites” need to sound sincere, along with bafflement at the mention of hostages.

“How to justify sexual assault” tutorial groups had to be formed, and the gay community assured that only other gay people are to be thrown off roofs in Gaza. Left-leaning gays need not worry. Because Hamas might not be shipshape when it comes to the basic human rights demanded by liberal democracies, but it would no doubt be so appreciative of the support by the LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) community, that it would turn over a completely new leaf when not battling the oppressive Nazi-like Zionists.

The dictum of dull isn’t the only challenge. The attack by Iran has made life almost intolerable for the left. A well-known activist and equally known Israel-but-not-Jew hater on X tweeted, “The Iranian theocracy is a reactionary regime which cannot be supported. However, I stand with the people of Iran against the terror of Israel, the US, and the genocidal regime’s European allies. #StopArmingIsrael #StopTheGenocide #StopTheWar.”

Little doubt he had to lie down and catch his breath after engaging in that level of moral acrobatics. Sadly, he didn’t stop to consider that as a gay person, if one finds oneself standing on the side of Iran – and pretending not to – it should be time to question that world view.

The cognitive dissonance, employment of replacement ideology, and inverted accusations that requires the left to stay in the game isn’t to be underestimated. On some level, it even needs to be respected. And pitied. Which is why in the spirit of love and light, of hashtag blessed, for one day only, I’m sending #HealingVibes to those on the left. And will post that on social media, just to prove how darn deep I am.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. yitzchak

    Apr 19, 2024 at 11:13 am

    The worst on the left are Jewish communists who obsequiously and obediently have followed the anti Zionist line from inception of Stalin his predecessors and followers. To read the trinitarian trilogy of Raymond Suttner in the Daily maverick one has to think of Marx(the Father)Lenin and Stalin (the sons) and neoleft Islamism (the unHoly Spirit). Our born again bundists have lost their marbles and their doctrines and would like to impose their psychotic delusions on a “free democratic Palestine” where other multiethnic examples have failed.

    Every communist state (Yugoslavia, USSR, ) has fallen apart because of the failure of communism.
    Ukraine is paying the price.The oppression of the Uigars ,moslems, is never on the front page of this neocabalaistic hymn book, and especially not our local Moslem thank tanks(thank you Iran, thank you Qatar etc)
    The atrocities in Sudan are brushed over.

    How do you translate Tokoloshe into English?= Incubus! a little night spirit who seduces you in your sleep.
    That is why our countrymen and women sleep on high beds.
    The Arabs have a name also: Iblis an islamic angel who has fallen from God’s grace and transmogrified into satan in the underworld. That is a fate awaiting our adversaries.(Islamists and communists)

    May God pass over the good people and destroy the wicked. If we catch any of them, they will be held down and their mouths stuffed with chrain until they talk.

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