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Life lessons we can take from the shark




I recently facilitated an ORT JET “In the Boardroom” session with Gil Oved, the co-founder and co-CEO of The Creative Counsel, South Africa’s largest advertising agency. He is also a “shark” on the TV programme Shark Tank.

Oved shared his insights and anecdotes about success in both business and life in general. The following pearls of wisdom from him will enable one to create a better future. 

  1. Find your meta” – in other words – find your essence, something that you do that is more than usual or that goes above and beyond. We are all special and have a unique skill or ability to do something. Find that ability and maximise it. 
  2. Differentiate yourself – build a personal brand” – Use whatever you can to show that you are different; this includes creating your very own personal brand. It is important that the brand you build is truly you – it must be authentic. 
  3. 5 times carrot, 1 times stick” – When you reprimand a staff member, you then need to give words of encouragement 5 times before you reprimand them again. You need to motivate someone 5 times more than you reprimand them. 
  4. Work 6 days a week As an entrepreneur you need to work harder than anyone else, so you can’t work 5 days a week, but you must also not work 7 days a week. You need that one day off, to recharge your batteries and allow your mind to think and be creative. 
  5. “Keep asking ‘why’ and also ask ‘why not’ like a child”- Question the status quo continuously; always ask why you are doing what you are doing, but also when told that you can’t do something, it is important to ask “why not?” Just ask again, again and again. Be like that child that keeps asking why or why not. 

ORT JET facilitates business growth and financial sustainability by empowering start-ups and existing small business owners through training, mentoring and networking opportunities. ORT JET is a community organisation and a division of ORT SA.

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