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Walking tour of West Park Cemetery




Members of the community are invited to meet Flo Bird, Denise Alexander and Lindsey Kann on Sunday, November 17, at 14:00, park in the grounds of the cemetery off West Park Road and meet at the Ohel, for a walking tour of West Park Cemetery, arranged by the Parktown and Westcliff Heritage Trust.

Come for a fascinating tour of this section of the West Park Cemetery which holds the graves of so many people who contributed to Johannesburg – Johannesburg mayors, theatre folk such as Adam Leslie and Taubie Kushlick, a special section for the rabbis and their wives, and a section for prominent members of the community, including Oscar Norwich of the Johannesburg Historical Society and the great Helen Suzman.

Then for a walk up the hill to pay tribute to Dr Irving Lissoos, who led so many wonderful tours for the Parktown and Westcliff Heritage Trust.  

There will be a close look at the Holocaust Memorial and remembering Hermann Wald, the sculptor whose grave lies behind his great work. Also included in the walk is a visit to the War Memorial for Jewish soldiers who lost their lives in the Second World War. 

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