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Elchonon always stood out for his kindness, empathy, tolerance, and looking for the best in others.

At high school, he wanted a diverse, accepting environment in which he would be supported academically and learn about himself and the world. His focus has never been on marks, but on learning, and his love of learning has always been apparent. Redhill’s teachers’ professionalism, excellence, and continued innovation in education was a major factor in his choice of school and resulting success.

  • Elchonon found a safe space at Redhill where he was able to reach his full potential in his own time;
  • He has always been an enthusiastic, industrious student. He identified personal academic goals, and made these clear to his teachers. This facilitated a healthy collaboration that paved the way for success in achieving many of his targets;
  • In addition, Elchonon pursued his studies with quiet and steadfast resolution. He worked steadily at identifying and addressing areas of personal difficulty. In this regard, he incrementally produced noticeable improvements; and
  • Elchonon is to be commended on his resilience. Each assessment presented an opportunity to advance, to fail forward, and to take each challenge in his stride.

Elchonon has always said that Redhill, a secular co-ed school, is a respectful environment where every person is appreciated for who they are with no pressure to conform to a specific group or way of life. He has confidently worn a yarmulke and tzitzis every day of his high school career, kept Shabbat and kosher, and has always felt accepted and appreciated for who he is and what he can contribute.

Elchonon matriculated from Redhill with his love of learning intact, innate confidence in himself, the skills and a thirst to develop himself and the community further, and the ability to pursue any career of his dreams.

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