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EL AL will resume operating nonstop flights from Johannesburg to Israel on 15 February 2022.



Every Tuesday, customers from South Africa and the region will be able to fly to Israel for a family vacation, business, or to tour the country (subject to applicable entry rules for those entering Israel).

The flights will operate EL AL’s advanced Dreamliner 787 aircraft, offering three classes of service: economy, premium, and business.

Prices for departures until 30 June 2022 are:

Round trip in economy class starting at R7 429 (for lite fares that don’t include pre-seating and a checked bag*);

Round trip in premium class starting at R21 429.75 (with two checked bags*); and

Business class round trip starting at R39 669.75 (with two checked bags*).

*Size and weight as mentioned on EL AL’s web site

Conditions for entering Israel are subject to the rules determined by the Israeli government. These are subject to change, as published on the EL AL website.


TLVJNB           14FEB DEP 21h00LT   ARR 05h40LT (Monday)

JNBTLV           15FEB  DEP 22H15LT  ARR 07h00LT (Tuesday)

Time change from:

TLVJNB           28MAR DEP 22H30LT ARR 06h25LT (Monday)

JNBTLV           29MAR DEP 23H00LT ARR 08H35LT (Tuesday)

WEF from June 22:

TLVJNB           10JUN  DEP 06H15LT  ARR 14H10LT (Friday)

JNBTLV           11JUN DEP 23H00LT   ARR 08H35LT (Saturday)

We will start with a weekly flight until the end of May. An additional flight will be added to the schedule from 22 June.

The system has been updated with the above schedules, and is available for bookings.


Flights are subject to change in accordance with Israeli government regulations.

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