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Don’t just plan for your future, make it desirable



Finding an appropriate senior living community as one ages is an essential component of retirement planning beyond the necessities of shelter and healthcare. It’s about ensuring a vibrant, fulfilling future as we age. With 70% of individuals over 65 requiring some form of long-term care during their lifetime, the need for proactive planning is clear yet often overlooked. Auria Senior Living communities offer a holistic approach to senior living, catering to the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual well-being of their residents. This comprehensive care model is designed to support an active and engaging lifestyle, fostering independence and assurance of care and financial predictability.

Many older adults fall into the trap of the “immortal teenager” fallacy, believing they will always live in their home without ever needing additional care for the remainder of their lives. However, the reality of ageing and its complexities soon become apparent. It’s important to consider an environment that encourages active ageing and a holistic approach to wellness, ensuring that support and care are available at short notice when needed.

Some older adults plan to bring services into their homes, a fragmented approach that often falls short of addressing all healthcare needs. While it may be easy to find gardening or maintenance services, it often becomes more complex with issues such as care and assistance with activities of daily living. Auria Senior Living offers a more integrated solution, with a community that ensures healthcare services are readily accessible, delivered by trusted professionals, and managed by a multi-disciplinary team which can respond correctly to changing care needs.

The cohabitation option, where one plans to move in with one’s children, can have an impact on independence and family dynamics. There’s a distinct lack of options for social activities in such instances, and often loneliness and isolation result, with numerous impacts on quality of life and well-being. Auria Senior Living offers a more autonomous alternative, promoting independence and community living among peers, where social interactions and independence are paramount.

Then there’s the reactive approach of seeking care in response to a crisis, often resulting in compromised choices. Auria provides a sense of preparedness, offering options and support even in unexpected situations.

The Continuing Care Retirement Community model, exemplified by Auria Senior Living, addresses concerns about cost, quality, and location of care for future needs. It ensures a vibrant, independent, and engaging lifestyle, with the assurance of receiving necessary care and support from familiar staff every single day.

Choosing Auria Senior Living is more than just selecting a place to live post-retirement. It’s about embracing a lifestyle that prioritises quality of life, focusing on engaging living, compassionate care, and peace of mind. Auria isn’t just a senior living option, it’s a pathway to later years filled with richness of life and vitality, ensuring that you don’t just plan for the future, but create a desirable one.

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