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EL AL has launched EL AL Protect, a flexible addition to your ticket that enables ticket cancellations for any reason.

EL AL Protect is launching at $19 per ticket for short flights (up to 6.5 hours), and $29 per ticket for long flights (beyond 6.5 hours). The service is available for purchase only at the time of booking.

With EL AL Protect, you may cancel your ticket for any reason and receive a credit voucher for future use without having to pay cancellation fees. In addition to the amount of the ticket, customers will also receive reimbursement for purchased ancillary products such as seating and luggage. The credit voucher is subject to the customer’s request to cancel, and will be received at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. FLY CARD cardholders and Matmid Frequent Flyer members may purchase this service with points.

EL AL Protect makes booking in advance easier and worry-free. Customers who purchase EL AL Protect and cancel their ticket in compliance with the terms of service will receive a credit voucher valid until 31 December 2024, which can be used for flights departing within a year from the date of redeeming the credit voucher. In addition, the credit voucher isn’t exclusive to the name on the original ticket and can be used for tickets in any name according to the customer’s discretion.

Says Shlomi Zafrani, the vice-president of commerce and international affairs, “EL AL Protect is another significant step towards improving our customers’ experience. Purchasing a flight ticket with this new service will allow customers to book flights months in advance at affordable prices and ensure an easy solution to any problem that may arise. We’re happy to continue to expand the variety of services offered to EL AL customers while allowing them to tailor their booking to their needs and generate maximum flexibility and comfort.”

The service is available only during reservations online or via a travel agent. It applies to EL AL and Sun d’Or flights in all classes of service (on flights with fare families, in economy class, the service applies only to Classic tickets). The service doesn’t apply to LITE and bonus tickets or codeshare flights (operated by foreign companies). For more information, please visit the EL AL website.

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