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Masterclass gives insight into doing business in Africa



On a cold winter’s morning in Johannesburg, some of South Africa’s most influential, inspiring, and knowledgeable business minds gathered at the Snaid & Morris offices in Morningside with hope on the horizon for business on the African continent.

Our guest of honour was Dr Rutendo Hwindingwi, chief advisor and founder of Tribe Africa Advisory, and the author of Rumble in the Jungle Reloaded. His masterclass helped us to understand the uniqueness of business in Africa, exploring the principles set out in his book, in which he breaks down what we need to know to create and build successful strategies in Africa, using the famous 1974 boxing match between Mohammed Ali and George Foreman as a metaphor.  

“Today, far more than in the 1970s, Africa is a continent awash with opportunity, but has a unique way of doing business and often doesn’t operate according to global corporate norms. Those who understand and adapt to it will, like Mohammed Ali, be more likely to win” – Rumble in the Jungle Reloaded.

Just as Africa has a unique way of doing business, so does Hwindingwi. After a brief welcome and introduction by Snaid & Morris Joint Managing Partner Jason Morris, Hwindingwi took the floor, drawing us in from the first beat with an entertaining account of the famous fight that has come to form the basis of his methodology, before guiding us through a step-by-step journey into how he has adapted his vast leadership experience in forming strategic business development initiatives in Africa in more than 20 countries in as many years.

After breaking us up into teams, we dove into the key topics that form TITO[rd] (territory, innovation, threats and opportunities; and relentless drive and determination). In group discussions, we pooled differing yet complementary knowledge and backgrounds to answer the thought-provoking questions that Hwindingwi set as our task for each exercise. It’s through these group activities that Hwindingwi subtly incorporates yet another necessary tool for success in business – teamwork in the face of competition (the hyena effect). At the end of each activity, a spokesperson was nominated by the group to give an answer to the posed question.

Hwindingwi drew us in further as the morning progressed as he kicked off a panel discussion to wrap up the masterclass, with Morris in the hot seat. The conversation revolved around how to apply the elements of TITO[rd] to creating success for and in servicing clients in South Africa while assisting them to become more attractive to international business.

“South Africa still has a lot of red tape in establishing companies. Unless we work with it, we’re not going to get anywhere. We need to build relationships with the people on the ground and gain local knowledge,” said Morris.

Leon Ayo, the chairperson of the British Chamber of Business in Southern Africa, said ,“Personal relationships are critical. South Africa doesn’t really have a strategy; personal relationships are key to forming a strategy.” Ayo pointed out that South Africa needs to address how we hire a workforce, stating that we need to start looking at talent as the key deciding factor.

“Foreign clients are scared of sanctions. It’s going to take a lot of political will and political work. The biggest impediment in South Africa is stability. We have to try and educate investors to show that there’s a better possibility – we need to change the narrative,” said Morris.

Rajen Govender, the regional managing director of Weir Minerals Africa, said, “We need to teach people to change based on disruptors; we need to be responsible leaders in terms of what we do.”

“Africa is indeed ‘open for business’. The content as a whole faces immense challenges, but it’s a place of abundant gifts, deep and authentic humanity, and of unparalleled opportunity. They say that Africa changes a person – so the question isn’t whether Africa is ready for you, but if your ‘grow Africa’ strategy is ready for Africa.” – Rumble in The Jungle Reloaded.

In closing, Hwindingwi asked what made Snaid & Morris want to stay in Africa and build a business here. Said Morris, “The fact that Africa is a new horizon, an untapped market with a younger population forming its majority. Africa is full of disruptors who are helping us change the narrative.”

Networking continued over a delicious yet informal lunch, catered by Ilana Markowitz from Chilli and Lime and sponsored by Snaid & Morris, and we parted ways in good spirits having made new contacts and gaining a new understanding and ambition for doing business in Africa.

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Snaid & Morris would like to thank Dr Rutendo, all our guests, and the British Chamber of Business in Southern Africa.

The class gave us valuable insights into the state of business on the continent and its many nuances.

We look forward to many more invigorating classes such as this, and we look forward to assisting all our clients and friends with their legal matters.

Dr Rutendo Hwindingwi’s book, “Rumble in The Jungle Reloaded”, is available at all leading bookstores, online and at

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